HTC Desire HD

The FCC loves to tear apart phones and other electronics (well, it is their job), and they seem to have done just that with the recently-announced HTC Desire HD. Engadget did some sleuthing and discovered that the device's internal product code "PD98100" appeared on both the phone debuted last week in London and recent filings from the FCC. Not surprisingly, there are no U.S. 3G radio bands. But with FCC approval, it means that if you have a burning desire (ahem) to import the phone and run it on EDGE from T-Mobile or AT&T, you can do so legally. Three cheers for trade law! [FCC via Engadget]

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HTCSense says:

Well, it is the EVO for the rest of the world... but with better specs

and its my next phone baby!

HTCSense says:

mee too! I have been waiting so long for a worthy Nexus One(or Desire) successor for ages

BobbyPhoenix says:

Me three! Now the question is where do we get it?

icebike says:

Better specs?

Did you miss the part about no 3G?

cellur says:

its no 3G for you americans ;)

not US :P

HTCSense says:

Did you miss the part about "rest of the world"

JohnB101 says:

I'm sure when he meant better specs, he meant processor-wise. :)

MSM8255 > QSD8250.

MSM8255 has Adreno 205, while QSD8250 has Adreno 200.

Read it for yourself if you want to know more about Adren 205:

Dropp says:

I love this phone but the lack of 3g is a deal breaker for me.

darkjuan says:

Since it's coming to T-Mobile, will it be hspa+ capable? If so then 3g isn't needed.

cellur says:

love this phone

sookster54 says:

No 3G for Canadians either, and 2 out of the big 3 carriers doesn't have GSM/EDGE/GPRS, so no dice.

hansonator says:

Bell and Telus launched their shared GSM/HSPA+ network in December 2009. It covers over 90% of the Canadian population. I get 3G out in the Rocky Mountains. ;)

However it does not cover the 3G bands for this phone. Isn't 2100 a 3G band?

I wouldn't be surprised to see this show up at Bell though with 850/1900 bands on board. They are ending the Legend so you never know. I would think that would depend on the success of the SGS which I have so this would not be an option for me anyway.

Looks though. XD

breakmedown says:

I'd be interested to see how much I would have to pay for one. I'm hardly interested in 3G considering that it has WiFi and there is hardly ever a time when I want the faster network but can't access WiFi.

cianpop says:

Does it have a kickstand though? I'd love this with a side sliding qwerty too.

hansonator says:

You should read something fully before stating that. It says it's a rumor not confirmed fact.

L3k0 says:

does anyone know how the new gpu compares to sams glx s?

jorerc23 says:

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