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Thanks to a generous reader, we've found ourselves taking a couple of laps through the Pool Party, the photo sharing application developed within Google by its "Slide" team. Whether Pool Party's an active part of the new Google+ social network on Google or just an internal project whose innards will be (or have been) adopted by services such as Google+ remains to be seen.

So what is Pool Party? Plain and simple, it's photo sharing. You log in, create "Pools," and share photos. You can invite individual users to a Pool, and in the process grant them access to view, comment on, save, share and "like" photos within that pool. You can have multiple pools (no idea if there's a maximum), with different people in each pool.

And that's about it. Photo sharing, plain and simple.

The app itself -- which is still in private beta as of this writing -- is simple, straightforward, and plenty fast. It's pretty spartan, with little in the way of user interface or settings. You can change your first and last name, profile photo, gender, and whether you want to receive live updates.

As for the Pools themselves, you can change the Pool name; view, add and remove members; receive e-mail updates on pool activity (including each time a photo or comment is posted); and whether or not to receive push notifications.

There's also a web component (at poolpartyapp.com), which is pretty much the same thing, just in browser.

So will we see a Pool Party in Google+? Or will the services be folded in? That remains to be seen. But let's certainly hope so, as the Pool Party app (there's also one available for iOS, which our pals at TiPb have given the what-for) is clean, easy photo sharing, and that's a must-have for a social network looking to break the Facebook hold on the world.

We've got a plethora of screen shots after the break.

Thanks, Dr_Mcq!
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Pool Party web portal

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for AndroidPool Party for Android

Pool Party for Android


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Into the deep end: We dive head-first into Android's Pool Party photo sharing app


ugh, someone make a freaking forums thread and post your emails there, this is an article about pool party, not Google + invite requests. Google+ is filled and no longer accepting new accounts so invites are useless.

Also you can just request an invite for pool party here:


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If you have additional Pool Party invites, I would really appreciate one! Mark.Reisman at Gmail dot com

Speaking of photo sharing (great article BTW :-):-) ) when are we gonna get some new Lloyd wallpapers :-).. the one on the main pic looks awesome :-).. please and thanks

baker dot sean dot c at gmail.com
Invite me to Google+ if you don't want the kittens and puppies to die!
J/k about the puppies!

I sent out G+ invites to those of you asking. I would like to check out PoolParty if someone can add me. Thanks. Sapiensuperioris at gmail dot com


Hmmm seems I've shown up to the party late, but might as well give it a shot! A Google plus invite sounds amazing and would be hugely appreciated! Hunter27reese at g mail dot com, now I have to think of a way to stand out from the crowd....*jumps and waves arms vigorously*

Sorry I'm late. This is what happens when you go on vacation and come back. So many things have taken place. I sent in my email address to Google for Google+, but if you still have one available, I would like to graciously ask for an invite, also for pool party, if it's not too much trouble.
I guess all I can do is ask. Thank you in advance

Google+ has been at capacity for at least 2 days now. Its not accepting any more invites and not allowing anyone to send any out. not sure why people are fanatically posting email addresses, no one's getting in right now.

Actually, I think it's a good thing. It shows how many people will actually be using the service, and continues to hype. Also, it allows people that are willing to help other community members send invites when invites are available. So, it's just adding to the entire process of social networking. :D

if anyone has a google+ or pool party invite and wouldn't mind sharing i would really appreciate it!

acottle at gmail dot com


If anyone is giving out pool party invites I'll gladly have one. Thank you in advance and I'll be sure to share the love.