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​Dead Trigger for Android has just been updated to version 1.5 with a whole lot of fresh content, including two new arenas (stadium of dead and deadly corridors), a new alien gun weapon, a laser turret and mini-morter, and a whole bunch of fresh tweaks. Here's the full changelog. 

  • Reward for everyone who had purchased DEAD TRIGGER before the game became for free (ALIEN GUN, 25 GOLD, 10 CASINO CHIPS)
  • New story missions
  • New weapon: ALIEN GUN
  • Improved gameplay of protect objects missions, players can repair damaged objects now
  • New tutorial for beginners
  • Improved MINIGUN and COLT-M4
  • Increased reward in the Arenas (Players can also win CASINO CHIPS)
  • More chance to win at the Casino (including items)
  • Auto-aim works better when more enemies nearby
  • Better ammo drops for everyone who use more than one weapon

This a beefy update to an already gorgeous game. Shortly after launch, this zombie shooter went free-to-play, making  their in-game currency buyable through in-app purchases, as well as adding a premium currency. it's a formula that has worked for a lot of developers, and with a game as polished as this getting such regular updates, I'm sure it'll do well for a long time to come. 

How much time have you guys pored into Dead Trigger? What's your favorite weapon?


Reader comments

Dead Trigger update adds new arenas, missions, weapons and more


This game has been great on my Toshiba Excite 10 and my Evo 4G. I think the weapon Ive been abusing the most has to be the Shotgun...its so darn effective in the Arena. At this point Im at rank 11 about to be 12 and thats about day 50 something or 60 something on the game. Slow progress but fun along the whole way.

The amount of sh*ts i give for this is less than 1... I uninstalled their apps never to install it again... screw these whiny devs.

I bought it when it came out. Sitting at level 26. Other than the 99 cents I paid for the game I paid another buck for some gold. Thats is. The game is so fun I dont mind playing the side missions to build up cash. I own 6 guns and all four weapon slots. Right now im just focusing on leveling weapons up. This has to be one of the best games I own. Cloud backup alone makes this a keeper. The fact I dont have to start over on a hard reset is great. No cloud backup is the reason I gave up/wont buy anything to do with Angry Birds.

I was using this but now that I have the Nexus 7 its saying it wont work with Jelly Bean. I could root but I never have great luck with rooting so I never bother. So that knocks out Titanium back up and Angry Birds backup.

It really should be just built in like Dead Triggers. Easy and Simple.

I have been enjoying this game a bunch... I would have happily paid the $.99 for it (but I bought Shadowgun). This game works great on my Galaxy Nexus, and is my go-to game for on the go time killing. Ok, I've been known to bust it out at home because it's so fun, lol.

I love the M4, which I happily paid to get. Getting a shotgun is next but great game, can't wait to check out the enhancements.

Great game. I spent $2 getting some gold to purchase more health, weapon slot, and Item slot. should be all set now. I have a level 2 AK along with a lvl 2 striker. Zombies don't stand a chance. Lvl 24.

TIP: Buy the head expander. It takes an Item slot to use but Worth the price. 30+ headshots a game equals a lot of extra money.

I was hesitant to get into the game even when it went free, I've had too many bad experiences with the need for in app purchases or else you can't get anywhere. I love the game now and I can make progress without investing much. Level 8 with M4 and upgraded Scorpion. I'll be picking up a shotgun variant soon. Well worth trying it out.

The Alien Gun is basically a full powered Klingon/Romulan disruptor pistol with a slow fire rate. The fact that they gave me that plus the 25 gold more than made up for the $0.99 I spent to get the game in the first place.

This is the second update I've seen for the game. This on is 149MB.. so the whole game? They need to work on doing incremental updates.

Update definitely cleared the major issues that were present. Now I'm just wondering how many levels it takes to beat this damn game?. On Level 47, day 684, now these damn zombies are finally starting to become a challenge/pain in the butt.