Android Market 10 billion promotion

We're on Day 2 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration in which 10 apps will be sold for a dime.

Google hasn't updated its promotion portal yet today, but here are the new apps we're seeing on sale for 10 cents, as relayed by reader r007:

Thanks, everbody, for helping to track these down!


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Day 2 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


*Hijacking the top comment because people should know this.*

It looks like most of yesterday's $0.10 deals are still in effect :) The only one to have raised the price back to normal when I posted this is Swiftkey X.

Hopefully they keep their prices like this until Friday so I can download them all when I get my first Android phone.

One of the main reasons Android Market will always be behind Apple's. The fact that they won't let you buy apps without the proper phone that works with said app. I should be able to buy whatever I want, and when i have a phone that it works on I'l enjoy it, stupid policy.

Not sure how this works but I know that if I buy apps from the browser version of the android marketplace on my computer it will automatically install onto my phone. So I'm not sure if you can make an android market account without the phone but then you can buy the apps before you get your phone on friday.

That was the first thing I tried, but I wasn't able to buy anything without having a device associated with me account. I then downloaded the SDK, ran an emulator, sideloaded Android Market onto the emulator, and logged into the market. Unfortunately logging onto the market in the emulator didn't associate a device with my account. I'm stuck waiting until I get my phone before I can buy apps. Amazon Store apparently doesn't require a device, but I would rather buy my first apps through the official store.

I see your $1.60 and raise you .30

aka ... I'm in for $1.90 (already had GLWL purchased from a couple months ago)

Nice. I got them all yesterday (also already owned one), but just couldn't spend that whopping 10 cents on christmas hd and a couple of others. Many of these I already have for free from Amazon's app store, but I hate their store and am using this to make the switch to google only.

Haha, I agree! I owned some and have bought most of the others so far. I just couldn't justify the 10 cents for Christmas HD and the kids drawing app.

Is there any way to purchase these WITHOUT installing? There are some games I would like to buy but not install at this time.

I've done this on most of the apps so far. Bought it, downloaded it, waited an hour (the market refund window seems to be 1 hour on my phone) and then uninstalled it. I figure I will spend some time and check them all out over christmas and see what I do/don't like. Might as well buy them at $0.10 though!

There showing only if you go to each app that they have listed here but if you go to the group of apps its still shows yesterdays ten.

i have a launch date EVO 4G which i love but i am preparing for the day when Sprint gets the G-Nex. the one thing i was afraid i would miss from the EVO is that big HTC Sense Superclock! but now i am prepared with the BW Superclock!

Anyone else having trouble with Reckless Racing trying to download game data? Game opens fine, but the "one time" data download won't complete.

Droid Charge on Gummycharged rom

Yeah, you'll have to be patient. It takes about 10 minutes to download the data. Probably because everyone is doing it right now...

NFL Rivals doesn't show up in my market (verizon Thunderbolt) even when I go into airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi. Anyone else not seeing it?

Remember if it does not show in the market on your phone it is not compatible with your device, it prevents you from buying something that does not work on your current device. If you go to the page of the app on the web version on the market, it will tell you on the screen if it is compatible or not.

If it's not showing in the market that means the developer doesnt support your device. My friend with a Dinc got shorted asphalt 6 yesterday and now he's getting shorted NFL rivals today. Not googles fault or the developer, just a nuance of having an open ecosystem.

If you look at the reviews, it might be best that way anyway... it has as many 5-star reviews as it does 1-star reviews, which I've never seen before in an app lol. Everyone is saying the maximum you can play is ~3 minutes before it force closes.

FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU VERIZON for blocking my chance to get NFL Rivals! What are you going to do next Verizon, take away my Google wallet? For problems with my NFC chip each time I change batteries? You slimy bastards you are all that is evil in the world that drink the blood of kittens for breakfast!

just playin'

Of the 8 devices listed in my account, this is only compatible with my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I'm assuming it's a tablet only game.

They just might get another billion apps by Christmas by doing this. They need to advertise this campaign more.

They have:

- top slot banners in the mobile and web version of the Android market
- Tweets from the Android Twitter account
- retweets from the Google Twitter account
- every Android blog is covering it

How do they need more advertising?

Let's be honest here...the majority of Android owners don't look in the market everyday, don't use Twitter and don't read Android blogs. They are just the average Joe and Jane who uses their phone minimally but have an Android because that's what the guy at the phone store told them to get.

Is there a way to convince the market to let me buy apps when I don't have an Android device associated with my account yet? :( lol I'm guessing probably not... here's hoping the price lasts until I get my Galaxy Nexus, for all the apps!

If you ever had a device that supports the app associated with your google account then you can still download the app, even if the device is long gone. Thats what i did to get NFL Rivals, i used to have a crummy tablet but it was still a tablet and now that Android Market support other tablets it showed up and i was able to download it. And there are other ways but don't know if its against against TOS to post it (regarding an app.)

Unfortunately, Galaxy Nexus will be my first ever Android device :/ And I don't wanna do anything that would get me in trouble either! My stepdad's christmas present, a Galaxy Tab, is in my closet and not yet wrapped though... maybe I'll put it on my account for a little while lol. I'll have to find out if it'll be easy to change the account though, since I'd rather he use a new account of his own on it.

If you go that route, you should be able to do a factory reset of the tablet device which erases everything and restores it. Once your added your account and allowed it to sync to googles servers (maybe download an app or two) and your able to see it on the android market web store, do a factory reset to restore it.

Find a friend with a phone and temporarily add your account (or us one at a store). Newer versions of the market support multiple accounts. Just make sure you delete your account afterward. Another option would be to use an emulator, but that's more difficult.

Ohh, it won't mess with the phone too much to do that? My boyfriend has an Atrix 4G I could probably use, but I thought it would mess things up for him somehow.

Odd, that's a Day 1 app from Android Market. Personally I'd buy from Android Market vs. Amazon Market if you can; I've had a couple times where I couldn't use an app because I couldn't get signed into the Amazon app store on my device.

Yep, amazon's app store blows now. I have over 200 of their "app of the day" apps, but it won't stop telling me i have 200+ apps to install and always does that complaining about being signed in. I've uninstalled it and am sticking with just my market account.

Still seeing Day 1 apps here too, Central timezone... dunno what triggers it to change or if it's a certain ToD, so I'll check back later.

I purchased read it later pro from the market when I have it from amazon already because it was so cheap and because I am not super fond of the amazon app store. Figured out how to purchase it without uninstalling it on my phone. I just purchased it on the web version of the android market and everything went through fine.

I agree that they may get another billion downloads by the time this is done. Maybe they'll have another promotion?

Guess no answer on how to trigger the update. I wiped data n cache yesterdays apps still there. Oh eastern time zone

Android NEEDS gift cards. How the hell am I supposed to buy app if I don't f*cking have a credit card?!!!!
Is it possible to use my Adsense money in the Marketplace???

Credit cards seems easy to get, I get offers in the mail all the time.

Alternatively, I believe you can buy giftcards that work as a credit card to places like Walmart.

On my little sister's phone, she doesn't own a credit/debit card or anything, so when she goes to a paid app, it has "enter payment method" which has "Bill my AT&T account" inside it.

Is there any way to purchase an app a second time? I am giving my son a Galaxy Prevail for his birthday in 2 weeks and would like to purchase Beautiful Widgets for him. I had purchased it in the past for myself and my son does not have a Google account yet (I want him to have the fun of setting it all up when he gets the phone). Then I want to be able to transfer the app to his account when it is setup.

You can't transfer an app between accounts or buy a second copy. I know this may not be exactly what you want, but you COULD just very basically set up an account for him, add the account as a second account on your device and then buy the app on that account. That's about the best you could do. Alternatively, I guess you could just buy BW for regular price when he gets it.

Do exactly as phrozen087 stated. Create a new google account on your phone, so you have two accounts ....purchased 2nd copies under that google name. Then when your son gets his phone, you let him create a new account of his choosing. Then add the second account you created to his phone, so he has two accounts.

Reading the reviews it seems things aren't going so well with the games. Either lots of crashes or no ICS support. I have a nexus running unofficial ICS so i passed on them. Its got to suck for developers that are now getting their apps trashed in reviews but dont have time to fix the bugs before thousands of more people buy them at 10¢.

Should be interesting to see where everyone lands after 10 days.

I just want to make everyone aware of a potential issue with your bank and this promotion. I decided to take advantage of the $0.10 app promotion yesterday and today and purchased most of the apps on the list. In doing so, the bank that my card is through detected 'irregular' activity on the account and disabled my card. It's easy enough to get it re-activated (And I appreciate the protection), but it's worth noting that this may happen so you should keep an eye on your card to make sure no important payments are missed if they do disable it.

yup, my bank pretty much told me that i will have to call them everyday to get my card reactivated. no way around it. the crazy thing is, my banana republic card is having a promotion till end of this yr. every purchase i make, regardless of the amount, i am getting $2 cashback. i am purchasing the same app on both of my google acct. i am making $38 everyday from this. haha.

I want to say google usually updates at 10amn PDT. 45 minutes to o in that case, but we already know the apps.

I purchased Beautiful Widgets for $0.10 and noticed a SECOND charge from Google for $1.00 - I reported the problem to Google - I hope this gets resolved. Ugh.

From Google Checkout help
"You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between our billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00."

Reckless Racing Play (the HD version to reckless racing) is also on sale for .10-cents. If you bought Reckless Racing, It's not the HD version.

Yeah, that was a bit confusing when I saw "Reckless Racing" and "Reckless Racing..." (the "PLAY" was cut off) both for sale. #1, I thought it was dumb google included two versions of the same game, where one was clearly better, for the same price, and secondly it makes it confusing because people like my brother bought the wrong one and now it's too late for the refund. Fortunately, it's only ten cents.

Thanks for letting us know about these 10-cent downloads. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known about it! Merry Christmas!

Not a great 10 today, with exception of beautiful widgets which I already have. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow's 10. Great promotion