DashClock Widget calendar options

One of the best uses of Android 4.2's lock screen widget feature has been Roman Nurik's DashClock Widget -- a customizable, extensible widget giving you access to a wide array of information on your home screen or lock screen. Today it's been updated to version 1.3, bringing even more features alongside the usual bug fixes.

It's now possible to choose from which calendars events are displayed in the widget, and see the location of upcoming appointments. A shortcut now allows quick access to a list of DashClock extensions on Google Play. What's more, there are new translations for Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese and Tradtional Chinese.

We've been following the development of DashClock in recent weeks, and if you're after a rundown of the best extensions around, you can check out our DashClock extensions feature. If you've yet to give it a try, you can pick it up for free at the Google Play link above -- remember, you'll need and Android 4.2 device, and currently that's limited to Nexus phones and tablets.


Reader comments

DashClock Widget updated with calendar tweaks, new languages and more


What I'd really like to see is a button on the homescreen widget that would force a refresh of DashClock's extensions' data. Maybe it could replace the 'Settings' button?

remember, you'll need and Android 4.2 device, and currently that's limited to Nexus phones and tablets....... Or a device running cm 10.1...just sayin'

And thanks to Carriers No phone has 4.2 JB except for a few gsm variants of the nexus phone, everyone else will either not get it or may get 4.2 when Keylime comes out

Might as well start calling this site "The Dash clock News". Sheesh! Every day there's a story on some minor update. And what percentage of readers can even use this miracle of modern technology?

I suppose I have more important things to complain about, but i don't like it when one of my favorite and most trusted websites appears to be shilling for something instead of objectively reporting news on it. I've started to get that feeling with some of the apps that are pushed on here.

I just had to get that out. Happy Friday!

It does seem to be getting a bunch of attention and perhaps too much, I really have to say it's it a big deal if you have access to it. It more than Google Now has changed the way I use my phone and made getting the information I want to my face faster and more efficient (and nice and clean lookin' too). Up until this app lockscreen widgets were just silly. The only thing I want is the ability to swipe to unlock with the widget maximized as it's now a tap then swipe process.

It's the first thing I see every time I wake up my phone - I think it wouldn't be getting so much attention if it weren't for the openness and the ability for added extensions. Sans extensions it's an okay clock widget. It should be made "official"