DashClock Widget

I've made no secret about my outright displeasure for the new lock screen widgets in Android 4.2. Clunky, for one, often lacking style for another. 

DashClock Widget is quickly changing my mind. It's the work of Roman Nurik, a Googler and Android design guy and was released this morning to Google Play and as open-source code.

The widget itself is devilishly simple. Add it to the Android 4.2 lock screen like you would any other widget. From there you add "extensions." At launch you've got extensions for weather, missed calls and texts, your next calendar appointment, unread e-mails and your next scheduled alarm. Chances are we should see additional extensions pretty quickly. (Here's hoping for some world clock love, which is the only thing I'm missing from the stock Android lock screen clock.) Want to get rid of an extension? Just swipe it away. Nice.

This one's free, it's open-source, and it's definitely worth a look. Hit the link above, and ease on past the break for a little hands-on action if you need more convincing.


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DashClock Widget for Android 4.2


Coming from Roman Nurik, king of design, it's unsurprisingly beautiful. I installed it shortly after it went live, and it's pretty great

I'm confused by your comment about no world clock on the stock lock screen. I have mine set to show 4 time zones/cities, using the native/stock 4.2 clock app and widget. Or do you mean something else?

Got it; sorry, I read your original comment wrong.

Thanks for the tip on DashClock. Do you know if there's a way to have it send gmail unread count for only one of your Google accounts? I have 3 that the gmail app pulls from, but I like to only get push notifications for my private one.



Edit: Found it; for anyone looking, it's in the most obvious place possible. The settings...

I've never been able to understand the concern over Lock Screen features, widgets, etc. Why bother with the lock screen at all, especially if not concerned with security and normally set it up for swipe-to-unlock? Why not select "None" in your lock screen settings, and bypass the Lock Screen hassle altogether? A home screen can certainly be set-up to show all and more of what is available on a lock screen.

Swipe-to-unlock? Stupid.

First, setting up an actual lock will help delay someone who finds/steals your phone from getting at your personal information. In many cases, there's enough information on your phone to make a great start at identity theft or at least log into websites where you have stored credit cards, bank info, etc. That might give you time to remote-wipe or remote-lock the phone.

But if that doesn't concern you, the "swipe to unlock" helps prevent pocket dialing or other accidental interaction with the phone while it's in your pocket. The power button is way too easy to accidentally press.

All that said, the only things I find useful on a lock screen are a clock and owner contact information. Any personal information like calendar events might expose something you don't want seen. (I'm not a tinfoil-hat type, but many of my calendar events are very personal and I don't want random people or my kids seeing them)

My comment was aimed at the use of Swipe-to-unlock. I agree with the security risks you note if one uses the swipe method, but I rarely see anyone using anything but Swipe-to-unlock.

Pocket dialing, etc. are problems that have never happened to me using a Galaxy phone with the power button on the side. I exclusively carry mine upside-down, with the screen facing my leg - never had a problem.

Whenever I show a friend how to bypass the lock screen, they are appreciative, and none have gone back to swiping.

So, let me revise. If not concerned with security, and bypassing the lock screen causes no problems with butt dialing (etc.) then bypassing the lock screen is the intelligent option.

I use the swipe method, probably partially because that's the way it comes and I'm used to it.
I did disable the lock screen once for awhile on one of my other phones and I did have issues with the screen unlocking and the screen registering button presses and doing various things.

I also use a case and screen protector, partially because I'm clumsy, which may be connected to why I had issues in the past without a lock screen
But for me I just prefer my phone to be safer from falls and accidental button presses as well :)

Security I seem not to care about much, lol.

the only thing I don't like about it is that the background of this widget is not clear ;/ looks fuggly

edit: the lock screen is fine but the home screen isn't

Doesn't seem to be working for me I have the extensions setup but it just shows the time on both widgets home and lock screen

And yet again the press fail to understand the benefits of the way Android does stuff until it's shoved under their noses with big red bells on.

I'll have to check this out - I've fallen in love with the Cyanogenmod team's Chronus I MEAN cLock and this seems similar. The ability to add extension is very interesting, very interesting.

Problem I have with 4.2 lockscreen widgets is that they are only useful once maximized. I'm not going to add widgets that I need to swipe to - I find that silly, but the main lock screen is prime real estate and afaik you are only allowed 4 x 1 unmaximized space on the main lockscreen until your pull down to maximize.

I occasionally use the lockscreen widgets I have setup, but not very often.
I agree that the fact that the widget on the lockscreen has to be minimized at first is a problem that limits their usefulness.

By the looks of it, the swipe to unlock is implemented as a widget itself that can't be changed, and takes up 3/4ths of the screen (to account for those that use pattern or password unlocks) I think that's why it's minimized unfortunately.

I still prefer cLock to this for one reason: weather high/low. It's nice to know what the weather will be like when I'm getting dressed in the morning or preparing to go out for the evening (do I need a coat, etc.).

Also, if you're running CM 10.1, you might want to check this box: Settings -> Lock screen -> Maximize widgets. I like it for the reasons you mentioned, but also because unlocking works similar to HTC Sense: swipe up, then trace pattern/enter PIN. Muscle memory is important.

It really is very elegant and puts as much info as you want front and centre. I can't wait for some more extensions, that can pull some of the Google Now functionality into it...

It actually should be possible for a third party person to create such an extension; MissedIt! has something where it allows you yo share elements with another app, it would be great if someone created an extension to be the in between from those shared elements to DashClock.

It has global app support; however, it is up to the other apps to add the corresponding API to use it. If there is a specific app you have in mind, contact that developer and ask him or her to code in the API.

I tried DashClock but it looks kinda plain and disappears if you use a light background. cLock on CyanogenMod still has my vote.

This is a great lock screen widget. My only complaint is that I wish you could make it default to the larger view that you see at the start of Phill's video. When you hit your unlock button it always defaults to the truncated view.

I haven't tried it yet, because I'm not using 4.2, but is this anything like the Production Lockscreen on the LTEVO?

I like it, but would like to have an option to have the clock look the same as the standard clock (there is one that looks like it, but it's not the same font i think).

Am I the only one who thinks those lockscreen widgets are boolshit?

Either you unlock the phone and use it or dont.. With FaceUnlock, its actually quicker..

But if it's anything like the Production Lockscreen on the LTEVO, you can drag whatever it is; missed message, missed email, upcoming or missed appt, etc.. to the lock ring and it goes straight to that message, email, appt so you can act on it, i.e. reply, call, etc..

Actually allot quicker.

Again, I don't know how this one works as I don't have 4.2 so I'm assuming it's similar to what the LTEVO has.

This is pretty awesome. It's become my new main lock screen widget and might possible join my home screen.

Need to have Android 4.2 installed. As it stands now, the S3 is running 4.1.x so you will need to wait until Samsung releases 4.2 for the S3.

is there a way for it to display all your calendar events for one day instead of one when you swipe down? i have 3 different things in google calendar for tomorrow and its only displaying the first.

Am I missing something ? or is it really that UN-intuitive, but how do you remove an extension that you've already added ? The Weather extension refuses to pull any weather info for where I live, but no I can't remove it ? All you can do is move it to the bottom of the list..

I just came here to ask this same question. This looks promising, but I can't find out how to remove an extension once I have added it! Uninstall the app and reinstall? There must be another way.

Just joined the Android Central Forum & this article crossed my path
I'm pretty much excited to have this app installed in my Galaxy S3 phone which is currently running Ver 4.1.2. However, can't find the app in Google Play Store by name
Could you advice if this is only available in select countries/regions or need to wait until my Android version upgrades to 4.2/4.3 ?

Thanks... Sanjeev