The CyanogenMod user install base has hit the 500,000 mark, according to the stats released by the CM team.  This is across all devices, and includes unofficial versions in the numbers.  Some interesting totals are 502,364 total installs, 376,066 of which are official while 126,298 are unofficial, or "kangs".  We also get a glimpse into the number of installations per device -- you can see the full list at the source, but here's the top five (with install numbers as of Saturday evening):

They also have a very cool interactive map of installations by country that you'll want to explore as well.  While a half-million of anything is an incredible feat, we have to remember that we're just a drop in the ocean, with more than 550,000 Android devices activated each day.  We're a pretty happy drop, though.  Congrats, CM team!

Source: CMStats


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Cyanogenmod reaches the half-million-user milestone


The whole root thing seems really complicated to me. I'd love to use it to keep my device fresh but I'm nervous. Good for them though.

Good for you! You recognize that this may not be a step you are comfortable undertaking. That is half the battle of rooting your phone. The CM team, or anybody else who develops ROMs, cannot hold your hand and tell you everything to do and not do.

Maybe one day you will be well read and comfortable enough to take the plunge. Til then continue to enjoy your phone rooted or not. You still have great handset either way. Knowing your limitations and what you can do comfortably will take you much further than blindly jumping into the deep end of the pool only knowing how to doggy paddle.

Nice back handed compliment there. Call him a wuss while patting him on the back.

The central point here is that there are more phones activated every single day than are running Cyno world wide.

Yeah if it intimidates you, I don't really suggest using it. It is a fairly simple procedure, but the consequences can be pretty bad.

That said, I just left CM4DX and am currently running stock, as I'm about to upgrade soon.

I like many can only wish that I had CM on my phone to try. But let's be honest, with that astounding number of 550,000 activated a day, across multiple carriers and handsets, it would simply take an army of devs to write and keep up with the code.

Never the less I'm happy with the ROMs the devs contribute to my phone and congratulate the CM team for this achievement.

Yeah ive been pretty happy with it on my evo. I dont think the 4g works very well though. Thought it would get better after the nexus s release (4g on stock aosp) but it hasn't.....yet.

I want the 3d but just got used to hulu and Netflix. I think ill wait till its supported.

put it on my personal droid x and LOVE it!
i`ve been putting on others devices but not really digging into the settings..u can transform your device by simply being on this mod.

*sigh* If only gps worked properly. I've tried some fixes on my EVO 4G to no avail. I'd love to be back in cm, but I really need the gps to work when I need it.

I've tried CMod on a ZTE Blade, and whilst it's ok, I can't see what all the raving is about.

Am I the only one?

Apparently not, judging by the "Oh its really great, too bad this and that don't work" posts here and elsewhere.

Not mentioned in any post about any of the third party roms is the amount of broken stuff that you have to put up with for what really boils down to "look and feel".

The three guys near me that went to Cyano all moved back to stock when Gingerbread came out and found no compelling reason retrace their steps.

Simply Stunning - a CM7 offshoot - has made my OG Droid very usable. So much so that I'm passing on a Droid 3 upgrade, though the Bionic may be another story. I think for many users of custom ROMs, there's no such thing as a straight-up upgrade - it's more like a trade-off; you're getting better hardware but inferior software.

If carriers and manufacturers would release a device where the software rivaled CyanogenMod's features, they would have a clear winner on their hands.

Has anyone been successful with the Version 2 of the Gentouch87? There lots of things out there for the first model but not the second.

Loved it on my mytouch 3g slide and can't wait til we get the bootloader unlock on my Sensation 4G and then CM here I come:) Good work and congrats CM team. Keep it up:)

I am so in love with my Evo 4G running CM7, that it took awhile for me to convince myself to upgrade to the Evo 3D. Even with Evo 3D, I'll look forward to installing CM7 on it soon!

There always seem to be problem I install on my aria but there was always something that didn't wrk properly . But I like them of cm always look amazing

i think whats amazing to me is the fact that the stock(nexus and og droid) have least amount of downloads. i wonder if oems see this? lol any how i rooted my og droid cuz i knew id never see an gb update. and cm7 is good a lil buggy but i dig the gb features and color. ahh i just wish high end android still meant keyboard too. oh and rooting aint always as easy as ppl say and nobody tells you what or how to do if the the root doesnt work properly.

I could never get any version of CM to run properly on my Incredible (and by "properly," I mean "not requiring several reboots per day"). Several tries and several data wipes later, I switched to Skyraider, which is quite good, but I miss Gingerbread's smooth music playback.

On the other hand, CM7 is excellent on my Nook Color. It's fast and stable, and the tablet tweaks are slick.

Surprised by how low these numbers are. I guess that just shows that most Android users don't use custom ROMs.

well keep it up CM very fanatic and support those guyz for the hard work n making it good cant wait till they make it for HTC Sensation 4G and they unlock the bootloader i know its going to be crazy but is till have MT4G wit CM7 n overclocked so all wat i say its Hight five CM

well keep it up CM very fanatic and support those guyz for the hard work n making it good cant wait till they make it for HTC Sensation 4G and they unlock the bootloader i know its going to be crazy but is till have MT4G wit CM7 n overclocked so all wat i say its Hight five CM

CM may solve fragmentation by itself. :-)

I have no issues using CM 7.x. Everything works. GPS, 4G, etc. Just used the fix for GPS that some users mention above (although, I didn't have to use this fix, my GPS worked right off the bat.)

Wow great. So Linux nerds are going to do what they've done for Linux and splinter Droid into 80,000 "flavors" of imperfect. Good job.