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New interface and cloud service integration highlight beta release

It's no secret that the stock Gallery app from AOSP is rather simple, but effective. CyanogenMod thinks it can offer something better, though, and has just announced an app to replace it called GalleryNext. While the app isn't complete, it does offer integration with Flickr, Google+, Facebook and Dropbox for photos, as well as automatic album grouping.

It of course supports videos, gifs, deduping and all of the features you'd expect from a more advanced gallery app you'd download as a replacement for the stock version. On the "todo" list currently is implementing KitKat's immersive mode, photo editing and some polish around all of the features.

GalleryNext is available starting today through the Play Store's beta testing system, and will presumably ship as the default gallery app in future versions of CM. If you're interested in becoming a tester, head to the source link below and follow the simple instructions.

Source: +CyanogenMod

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Connor Mason says:

Moments....very creative, CM

Posted via my Nexus 5

Nick Rhodes says:

+1 for sure.

Posted via Android Central App

drokssilva says:

Haha. I can see their inspiration

Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).

twolastnames says:

Let's see if people complain of bloat like every other phone that does not use crappy aosp stock apps.

Posted via Android Central App

hmmm says:

AS long as it keep (forced) Google+ integration away from it I think people will be ok with it.

Greg Pierce says:

Nothing I'd prefer more than to have yet another login/password to keep track of.

Droid_Evo_8 says:

Doge!!!! LOL

rain620 says:

The only meme that can make me laugh.

steveb24 says:

Meh. Already played out...

Posted via Android Central App

impu15ify says:

Looks pretty good. Definitely better than the AOSP gallery. It clearly borrowed some design aspects from Google+ Photos. I'll still be sticking with QuickPic, though.

Posted via Android Central App