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We're just gonna shut up and let you watch this one. via +CyanogenMod


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CyanogenMod 9 gets some bad-ass boot animation


I have to agree. Maybe the title should say something like "cool" or "updated"animation, "bad azz" is over board, lol.

It's awesome. It builds on the familiar animation we've all come to love and takes it a step further. I can't wait to have cm9 on my GNex.

Crossing my fingers for old school snapdragon support ... Google dropped the N1, but hopefully CM can help it live long

N1? Time to upgrade...and get into cm9! I want that boot screen for my GN LTE that is running cm9

I want CM9 on my Atrix 2. Motorola needs to hurry up with their Bootloader unlock tool. And their ICS upgrade.

Not so impressed. It's Doctor Who graphics are a little dated.

Can it be swapped for something of my choosing?

Boot animations can be swapped out as you desire. Although I'd be so freakin' happy to have CM back on my device I'd be running that animation for a while at least.

No offence to the CM team but coders make for crap designers but great programmers :)

Having the last 6 Secs of the Thunder Cats intro or the last bit of the intro for Contact would make me smile a lot more.

I just can't wait for this to light up my oversized OLED screen and drain the last few % points left in the battery. I'm sure I'll still be wetting my pants at how bad-ass it is after I watch it 50 times.

Might this be hinting on an official release for the Gnex? I mean, after all that's the phone they are showing this on.