CyanogenMod 6 nightly build

It's far from a final version, but those of you waiting for the CyanogenMod team to release some delicious Froyo for your HTC Evo, it's your lucky day.  The first of the nightly builds (think of them as the beta version of the beta version) is available for download.  Of course we all dove right in and I'll have to say, it's very nice.  If you're fully rooted and ready to try, you can get your very own copy right HERE.  Since CyanogenMod is a 100 percent open source project, you'll have to download the Google applications separately, and it just so happens that the ones right HERE work perfectly.  Thanks everyone on Twitter who sent this in, and a special shout out to the developers!


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CyanogenMod 6 nightly build for HTC Evo available for download


Nightly Build... so take care because it's not for daily... day to day use.

Just a warning. :)

Sorry to let you know but its definately able to be for everyday use. The only thing not working currently is 4G. Everything else is flawless.

So with the Google apps download do i just flash that like i would any other zip file or does the zip contain all the apks to instal via phone one by one?

If you don't already have the newest radio, flash that first. Then wipe cache and everything. Then flash CM6 then flash the Google apps zip. Things are working pretty well. I put it on my wife's Evo, used it for a while, did a Nandroid backup and then flashed back to stock because she doesn't want to use a buggie alpha ROM. But it is surprisingly stable and fast. Have fun!

For those who took the plunge, are you able to add a Facebook account from the 'Accounts & Sync' setup? It's the only account I can't add.

Don't think you can since its stock android. If you want to sync facebook you will need to use a 3rd party app like socialite or syncmypix.