Initial nightly rollout begins for Android 4.3-based custom ROM

While some have been compiling "unofficial" builds since the CyanogenMod 10.2 source code became available, there have so far been no "official" builds of the Android 4.3-based custom ROM. Today the CyanogenMod download portal has become populated with the first nightly builds for a handful of devices, including various members of the Samsung Galaxy families, The 2013 Nexus 7, Nook HD, and LG Optimus G.

With the Android 4.3 source code becoming available less than four weeks ago, this is has been a quick turnaround on the developers' parts to get the first nightly builds of CM 10.2 prepped and available. As always, though, these nightly builds are considered unstable and experimental, so flash 'em at your own risk.

The new builds come with many goodies, including but not limited to the new Focal camera app, a version of Superuser compatible with Android 4.3, and the ability to send Google Voice messages through standard SMS apps via Voice+

Follow the source link below to check and see if an official build is ready to download for your device.

Source: CyanogenMod


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CyanogenMod 10.2 nightly builds now rolling out


I downloaded it yesterday night on my HTC One X and I couldn't get wifi to connect. I've seen others have had this problem as well, but I've also read that several reboots might fix the issue (seems strange and unlikely but that's what I've read). Can't wait til' the wifi issue is fixed :)

I just started messing around with 10.1 on a droid bionic, and I can't get WiFi to turn on properly until the second boot. But on that second boot I have available AP's as soon as I get to my home screen.

Yeah and all the millions of bugs that always come with CM Rom yay. Yawn. Overrated at best.

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Sorry to say it, but I feel the same way about cm. There are always so many bugs is almost not worth it at the end of the day. There are so many better devs and roms these days anyway, I never feel the need to suffer with cm

What do you expect? CM devs write/modify most of this code from AOSP, and then all other devs just kang it or build off of it. The rest of their time is spent on bug fixes and new features. Its the CM devs that are doing most of the hard work IMHO.

Well but the fact is that CM itself is bug infested and not worth the installation. And the other developers fix what is broken. Well shouldn't the CM developers fix it? Let say Mercedes makes a Car it is totally broken and then Ford is gonna fix all the bugs on the Mercedes? Doubtful that's is up to Mercedes Benz to fix it then. And so should the CM developers. If they already have to change everything, do a good job at it not just an half ass job in it. PERIOD. All the exposure and all the craziness ppl have and want CM is not rational explained. Because it is such a bug fest but ppl love it. The stock Roms most of the time work for the most parts perfectly but ppl complain about them but Roms that a broken (CM) Roms are all SO LOVED. Crazy world we are living in.

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grammar? Proper term is sentence structure. Not grammar, I'm glad you're being a dick and looking like a moron while doing it :)

"Well but the fact is that CM itself is bug infested and not worth the installation."

Stopped reading after this. It's really on a device by device basis, my DNA has an unofficial CM builds and they work fantastic. All comes down to the phone. You obviously don't know what you're talking about so I would just stop.

Seems like I pissed on some CM fanboys leg. Or how do u say. The truth hurts. CM always has at least one thing that isnt working. Never had one CM from the first nexus until 26 later on Android devices where a CM was without any bugs. And yup I can have faulty grammar considering my native language isn't English. But I certainly could write this in my native language without any errors. But I am so nice to write it in a language so everyone understands. Just only judge if u can write my native language better and with less errors then I do in English. If u can't do it. Then please kept ur judging about someone not being perfect in a language. U can only judge if u write read and speak my language as good as I do English. Thank you very much.

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I actually run multiple Roms depending on my mood, but OK. I'm judging you because you proved yourself to be an idiot by passing off uninformed opinions as fact.

I have CM10.1 on my Razr M and it's buttery smooth and bug-free. The CM devs don't fix bugs from individual devices, that's the maintainer's job.

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I have to agree. I find Android Revolution HD (Stock Sense based ROM) for the HTC One X to be much more stable than CM. But I like vanilla android more than Sense, and that's the reason for trying out AOSP based ROMs.

I have 1 constant, annoying, problem on camera often freezes up and the only way to get it to work again is a reboot, and 50% of the time it will freeze up again. I get an error message that reads "Can't connect to the camera". Is anyone else experiencing something similar?

Listen to everybody complaining about bugs in FREE SOFTWARE. What do you whiners want, a refund?

Seriously, not to mention the hyperbole and sweeping generalizations. "Bug infested," "not worth installing," etc. It's ridiculous, what these people do is NOT perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it's clearly not the piece of crap bug filled rom that some are making it out to be otherwise PEOPLE WOULDN'T USE IT. It's pretty damn simple really.

CM has always been fine for me, running on a variety of devices, even at the Nightly level. Calling it bug infested sounds like user error tbh

Let's say I gonna take the last two phones I used and installed CM on. The lg 4x hd. CM wasn't able to turn off nfc it just didn't work was a bug in CM and there where even some devices there after install also the simcard wasn't able to be recognized. Now the Sony Xperia Z had an issue to on a CM based rom. Calling didn't work. And on the S3 screen flickering and screen unresponsive. And like I said every single CM Rom since the nexus and 26 Later devices all had some issues. There are many Roms it that actually don't have bugs. But if u guys like CM is fine. But also ppl can have there opinion and say they don't like and and didn't make any positive experience with it. So don't get all pissy and whiny like a little kid just because some ppl don't honk CM is the holy grail of Roms.

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All software has bugs. OS software always has many bugs. So what? Don't like it, don't install it.

No refund just saying it isnt the holy grail everyone makes CM out to be. It isn't by any means. There are Roms out there that are bug free and surprise they are freeware. Just saying. CM isn't the best there is.

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Dear god shut up. No one cares about your experience with the software. It's called EXPERIMENTAL for a reason you retarded idiot. Don't like bugs? Wait for a stable build like everyone else or flash another rom. Complaining on a forum that's announcing experiential software is about as redundant as having and asshole on your elbow. Keep it moving...

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Well Eddie if u like half ass working stuff fine for you. I like things to work without errors. But it is just me. Just saying CM isn't as great as it is made out to be.

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It's EXPERIMENTAL you idiot. There's supposed to be issues... Screw this... I think in getting trolled hard.... Or you're just seriously mentally incompetent...

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Eddie ever heard that ppl that have to verbal insult ppl aren't considered very smart because they can't have a rational discussion without swearing. Sorry u sadly don't have the skills to keep it in a mature rational way here. And everyone that insults or can't talk in a mature way about critical things show they are the IDIOTS how they like to say it. Only the idiots themselves call other ones idiot or anything verbal insulting. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT IN A MATURE RATIONAL WAY.

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And I see several in here already stating exactly what I am getting at. One here says I installed but wifi doesn't work or one says I installed it and it reboots 50% of the time. Yeah impressive (not).

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I didn't built one but other did and I am just not someone crazy about broken stuff and make it become so high and mighty. If it doesn't work 100% but it is just me. Maybe 100% working stuff is not what it is about anymore. What makes sense then bug free Roms don't get all that jazz. Strange world.

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Someone hasn't heard of the phrase, "Your mileage may vary". If you can name a perfect AOSP, then I can name a liar.

Yes I installed Zaiden rom on the lg 4x hd and guess what no bug's at all. Wow. I install CM and get NFC not being able to be turned off or simcard not detected. So yeah Zaiden Rom is not CM based and works perfectly. So good try my friend.

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I like how you use your anecdotal evidence from two phones, with maybe two bugs that you've mentioned and that makes all builds of CM bug infested. Again, I ask you to please stop commenting on things you obviously have little experience with.

I said I took those as example since I still own those devices. But after 26 devices all android I owned after the nexus one and every single CM when the was one available for the device always had some bugs. I mean 26 devices and all CM Roms have bugs? I don't know what u guys call that? Sure not great or anything to get all that excited about. If a car company would produce 26 shitty not working cars what do u think would happen? They wouldn't be around anymore. And tech savvy ppl shouldn't settle for anything less then perfect that's why we all root or do stuff to our phones so they work perfectly. And there is nothing wrong if someone disagrees with some of u. And obviously I am not the only one on here not thinking CM is the best. I am not alone. Sorry to burst ur bubbles.

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Nothing wrong with saying your opinion that it's not the best. But when you leave so many comments stating so, you just look like a troll that can't agree to disagree.

"If a car company would produce 26 shitty not working cars what do u think would happen? They wouldn't be around anymore."

This statement is true, but it is a horrible analogy for this topic. Seeing as how the car company doesn't give away the 26 cars.

But i showed u a non based CM Rom no bug's. A CM Rom bugs. U can say what u want u can't sweet talk the obvious. And already ppl on here agreed that it isnt perfect or that they have issues with CM. And that's all I an getting at it just isn't as holy grail as it is made out to be.

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LG, Samsung, HTC, etc based ROMs that are only for a specific phone are already based off something that works. Neither the article or anyone here said it was perfect or the holy grail. But when someone says they don't have the problems you've experience it's like impossible or unheard of too you

It can be that there are some CM that actually bug free. Just making so a big fuzz about CM isn't really worth it. Android Central should run much more articles or make a buzz on ROMs that actually work. There are many and don't need like 4 5 6 7 8 or so version before they are bug free. That's all I am saying. Don't advertise broken Roms in an experimental state if there are Roms that maybe worth to be mentioned. That's all.

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Shouldn't be. Google hasn't made the cast API public yet. Until then all apps/features using it cannot be released.

I don't get the car analogy. Every car breaks. That's what warranty is for. Some of us are willing to put up with small "bugs" to gain what cm has to offer. People spend a lot of time to develop these roms for various devices and offer them to the public for free. Instead of thanks, they get criticisms? I'm sure there are roms out there that don't have these so called "bugs" but they are usually built for one specific device so the developer can spend more time working on the rom for his or her own phone. It's a free rom, use it if you like it. Nobody is holding a gun to our heads.

The car analogy. Is Mercedes normally brings out car's that works and if they don't then not a different car maker would fix that Mercedes. Mercedes brings out cars that normally always work and if they would brings out always cars with bugs or don't work they wouldn't be around anymore. That's what I mean. CM brings out Roms broken most of the time. Later on they get fixed. Instead taking the time to do it right the first time. In the end they would save much more hassle to always make some fixes every version. Just do it right the first time and good is. Pretty much nowhere else u get away with stuff like that. Just saying. Quality instead quantity and being fast. Take ur time and release a bug free Rom. That much more calls for quality and stuff then being fast and releasing half assed working stuff. Maybe it is just me that is used to quality and i rather take time over fast and quality production. But that's just me.

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Installed the latest Nightly build (10.2.20130814) on my Droid Bionic.... Everything seems to work with a few exceptions.

Focal crashes out a few seconds after launching. after several attempts it started to complain that it couldn't access the camera. CameraFX also couldn't access the camera after several focal crashes as well. After a reboot CameraFX had no issues, but the same problem with focal

Play store would start with a "no connection available" everything else data related seemed to work... Wifi on or off didn't matter

Email App took almost 20 seconds to start every time, but didn't seem to have any issue once it initialized

Video still crashes when you attempt to use the front camera... Still photos with the stock camera and CameraFX do not have an issue with front or rear camera, just video

I rolled back to my previous build of CM and all is working again except video as mentioned, that's been an issue forever with CM.

All that said its a fantastic ROM... I use it every day, and I completely understand that its a user supported product and there will be bugs... I just work around them. If I wasn't happy with it, I'd go someplace else

Only problem I've experienced was Focal crashing. Other than that's it's working just fine with no random force closes or reboots. I don't use email but it started up quickly asking me to setup an account. Oh and Play Store is fine too.

Can't wait to try it out!

P.S. When is this Dante kid getting banned??? I would much rather deal with the immature "firsties" than deal with this comment troll... Yeah people have opinions but there is no need for someone to sit on the refresh button and harass everyone else leaving comments. Say what you want about the article then GTFO!

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No Kid. Just stating my opinion and i am not alone with it. There are some in here that said the same that they dont thing CM is that great and always has Bugs. And we can have that opinion. And if ppl cant handle it. Then that is not my problem to be honest. Its more the ppl that cant handle a different opinion, thats there own fault. I will say what i think and have my opinion. And everyone that cant handle it. THATS YOUR OWN PROBLEM. NOT MY PROBLEM. GOT IT? Thank you and have a good day.

Dante, you obviously are a newbie to android or a straight up TROLL.

"non cm based roms, sense based roms, stock based roms". these are all either stock with slight add ons or none at all, only bloat removed. obviously its going to run "great" as it is from your manufacturer.

CM has so many tweaks/mods/customizations that some people don't know how to "port" or "build" CM properly for them. it has nothing to do with CM, more to do with your phone.

i only own nexus phones/devices. they all work great on my devices

when i had HTC phones, i always haad problems. they required custom kernals that CM didn't official support as they wouldn't official build for certain devices. that isn't CM's fault that is my fault for owning a piece of crap phone.

now, if you will shut up and stop cluttering this comments section. i was hopign to read some actual information about CM10.2 from other users. all i got was your personal opinion which isn't worth shit.

for others, i installed it on my nexus 4 an hour ago and so far so good. using the included kernal and updated my radio to the latest as well as cwm and things are feeling great. focal looks awesome, voice+ is awesome. and, i love how smooth and bugfree this thing is. after reading all of dante's comments i thought my shit wasn't gonna boot! (/sarcasm)

Man, I understand you a little bit. But, CM is not that buggy. I own two phone models, with totally distinct hardware: Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and Galaxy Nexus.
Both phones are running perfectly and smooth, except for the battery duration on the Galaxy S (poor, with stock gingerbread or else).
IMHO, you need to re-evaluate your opinion, maybe using some stable release from CM team. FYI: I'm using stable on SGS i9000 and nighly on G. Nexus.

Yeah, I was running CM 10.1.2 stable, on my GNex, and loved it. Last night, I flashed 10.2, and it was a nightmare; so bad that I flashed completely back to stock.

However, when a stable 10.2 build is complete, then "I'll be back."

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There's no problem, with you stating your opinion. But, you won't accept the fact that we don't all share that opinion.

We value different opinions here. But, your opinion starts to lose value and/or weight, when it's constantly regurgitated.

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DAAAAAAAMMMNN the troll is strong with in that one.

I use CM nightly builds I fully understand these can and will have bugs if you don't like it that's fine don't run it simple as that.

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I've been mashing my update button all day. Please can I get some CM 10.2 love for my Tilapia!

I fix cars for a living and if you think a Mercedes never breaks, you're fooling yourself. At every car dealer, their biggest customer is the manufacturer and that's because of the warranty claims.