Any device that received an RC build will get the stable release; builds hitting servers as soon as possible

The CyanogenMod team announced on its official blog today that it will be ending the release candidate (RC) phase for builds of CM10.1 and moving to a general release. Following a few quick releases of the latest RC builds, the general release is currently being built for any device that has received an RC of CM10.1 and will hit servers for download as soon as possible. Absent from this CM10.1 general release are Tegra 2 devices, as are many Samsung Exynos devices -- the team says it will give an update as to the status of CM for those devices soon.

The launch of a general release also marks the time when we get back into the M-release cycle for experimental features to be added to CM10.1 for willing flashers among us. CyanogenMod says it has already incorporated its new Privacy Guard feature into the latest nightly build and surely has many more up its sleeve to come.

Source: CyanogenMod


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CyanogenMod 10.1 general release is on its way


Anyone have any experience with how this or previous nightly's worked on the HTC one especially with the camera?

Early nightlies yes, current ones have been just fine as daily drivers for most people. People love it cause it's stock Android with some tweaks but nothing over the top. At least that's why I do.

That's pretty much the same reason I use it. Stock UI, decent amount of tweaks. Fast.. Stable.. Themes if you want them. Plus tons of developer and community support.

I used to use CM for the stock experience and custom features but last phones was a S3/current is an S4 and the TW ROM is just too feature rich to give up for CM. I ran AOKP for a long time on my S3 cause I really hated the physical home button but have learned to accept the home button and running a Hyperdrive TW ROM on my S4. If I were to run a AOSP based ROM it would be AOKP before CM...

CM 10.1 has given me enough reason not to upgrade from my RAZR Maxx out of boredom while I wait for the next big thing worth investing in, this is sick

I concur! I just recenty rooted and installed CM on my Razr Maxx and I feel like i have a new phone. Android 4.2.2 allows me to have some of the features that are offered on the new less appealing phones that are currently available. I am happy with their hardwork and dedication!

google implemented a lot of CM features in to stock android. time to get working google. privacy protection is a start

CM... Always been a class above for me.. Once you get to know all of its extras & customisable ui, not to mention how super stable it's become, it's time to put on your anorak..

Iam using this rom and I'm loving it but for some reason instagram video is not working a green screen would pop up or a fuzzy view , is anyone having this issue?

anyone had the issue where the network turns on and off? i was running the RC5 last week and everything worked fine but my 4G kept turning on and off every couple minutes. Is there a specific thing that makes this happen? i wanna flash the stable release when it drops but not if this is gonna continue to happen

Is this something you would do with a new phone? My phone is 3 weeks old and I really hate the soft keys, I think installing CM10.1 would give me some more options.

Just flashed to my Nexus 4. I know this is a noob question, but can you flash Franco kernel with CM? I've been using Franco and I've been pretty impressed with the battery savings. I would like to keep those if possible.

They usually recommend staying with the CM kernel, but you can flash any kernel you'd like.

So just flash CM then the Gapps. Boot up, shut it down and boot into recovery. Then flash Franco's kernel. That's the way I usually do it, as sometimes stuff doesn't stick if I don't do the first boot. No clue why, or if that's just something that randomly only happens to me. But if it works and it only takes an extra minute of my time to do, well... I see no harm in doing it.

I've been running it on my Verizon GNex for months on nightlies. I just upgraded to the Stable version and I have rarely had wifi issues. You may need to do a clean install.

The CM10.1 nightlies on my HTC One and SGS4 run GREAT but CM10.1 Stable on my legacy T-Mobile SGSII is slower than CM10: there are lags that weren't present on earlier CM versions until I updated. Damn hardware limitations.

I'm running CM10.1 on my SGS (yep, that's the 1), and it is running great and smooth as butter, the SGS2 should be more than capable of running it even better, did you do a normal upgrade or did you do a factory reset? That might help a lot.