Razr Maxx

Verizon may take most of the headlines, but the Motorola RAZR MAXX (sans Droid) also made it's way to other carriers -- like Alltel. We love seeing the smaller carriers getting great Android phones like the MAXX, but folks who want to run a custom ROM are usually out of luck when this happens. Not so this time.

Forum Moderator, Alltel subscriber, and Android hacker cole2kb has you covered. He has taken the most popular ICS and Jelly Bean custom ROMs for the Verizon version of the RAZR MAXX and ported them over to Alltel. Getting them installed is as easy as flashing the original ROM and a small patch from recovery. He's even figured out how to get MMS working, so you're set there.

This is why we love Android. Users getting their hands dirty to bring more options to the folks who want them. Thanks, Chris -- and I'm sure plenty of folks on Alltel are thankful as well. Click the link below to get started.

Got ROMs? Flashable ZIPs for your Alltel MAXX!


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Custom ROMs for your Alltel RAZR MAXX are just a flash away


Yes, Alltel still has about a million customers. Some divested markets went to private investors.

I wonder how their data will be after the new year since Verizon is taking down their Alltel data towers. I mean I know there are still Alltel areas but going out of those areas where there are no data towers....

Alltel has about half a million reg subscribers and a couple hundred thousand prepaid. THey are about to be purchased by AT&T. Alltel customers when outside of the Alltel network will use Sprint towers for data and if no Sprint towers nearby will use Verizon towers. This applies for voice and data.
Where can I find a customer razr maxx rom?