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Another event is wound down, and like most electronic and wireless trade shows, it was just about all Android. We didn't see anything huge, HTC and Samsung had already presented their wares, but we did see some interesting stuff.

Interesting things like Ice Cream Sandwich running on an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy Note. No, they didn't tell us when the update was coming. We also saw MasterCard trying to get into the mobile payment game, with NFC and one-click Internet shopping. We hope they meet with success, but we hope even more that all the various players can get together and give us an NFC wallet solution that works everywhere, on every device.

Probably the biggest news from the show came from Verizon, with the Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It's not part of the HTC One line, but for folks who want a mid-sized Android phone that still is going to run well, this could be it. We'll know more when we spend some more time with it. That wasn't the only hardware worth mentioning. We saw what's coming from Huawei again, LG's Optimus 4X HD and Optimus Vu, and some really interesting edge-to-edge designs from Nyx Mobile.

We also got to sit in on a meeting of the minds behind the big four U.S. carriers, where we learned everything there is to know about the spectrum crunch, and the different ways each plans to tackle it. 

And we can't forget the orange goo.

Now all we have to do is wait to see what becomes of the announcements and new devices over the summer, then get ready to do it all over again next time. It's tiring work, but we wouldn't want it any other way.



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CTIA 2012 recap


I cannot help but shake the feeling that the entire Android market seems stuck in low gear this year. CTIA REALLY confirmed this. Are all of Google's hardware partners in cash conservation mode? Or just waiting to see what the iPhone 5 brings? I mean, the year if almost halfway finished and 99.9% of the phones on store shelves are last year's leftovers and midrange and entry level seem to be the main attractions.

HTC and Samsung have made the only "big" announcements and they have not been the world-beaters most expected. Verizon in particular has shown NOTHING and has totally fallen off the map as far as updates for their various handsets. Motorola is in Palm circa 2008 mode (or RIM right now) with absolutely NOTHING of interest seemingly in the works and a rapidly aging lineup. Heck, Moto has not yet even updated a single device with ICS (no, the wi-fi Xoom does not count).

2008 was the year Android launched but 2009 was when it hit the big-time with the arrival of the OG Droid. 2010 saw the rise of the first superphone (EVO 4G & Droid X). 2011 saw a ton of advancements such as 720p screens, screens larger than 4.3", the Galaxy Note, the first "real" Android tablets and LTE across the board. Yet in comparison, 2012 is just more of the same ol' stuff, often with questionable design choices of missing features (removable batteries, expandable storage etc, glossy plastic bodies etc).

I personally don't see any relief in sight with the usual summer doldrums, so I suppose all of the high end phones will arrive for the back to school and holiday seasons.

Yea thats when most people buy new phones if only the carriers would kill 2 year contracts and open the flood gates and just let the manufacturers do their thing and actually update shit it wouldnt be such a stalemate sigh :(

Maybe. But if the Carriers do away with the 2 year contracts that would also be the end of subsidized phones. Then everyone would be paying full price when they wanted a new phone.