If you ever wanted to see a smartphone turn its cores into wheels and start flying through a Tron-like backdrop, then LG's got just the thing for you with its latest Optimus 4X HD trailer. The video highlights a few key specs and features of LG's opcoming flagship, which is due to launch internationally soon. Among the hardware clout the 4X HD brings to the table is a quad-core 1.5GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, a 4.7-inch 720p IPS "True HD" screen. There's also a thin, compact frame punctuated by a unique prism design around the trim, similar to what LG's got going on with the Prada 3.0.

As we reported a few days ago, the Optimus 4X HD is due to go on sale in Europe from next month.


Reader comments

Crazy Optimus 4X HD trailer reminds us LG's flagship is on its way


It feels like a cross between the old geeky Droid commercials and Apple commercials which actually tell you about the benefits of the phone (maybe to appeal to both audiences). Though it lacks the emotion that Apple invokes, it is still a nice looking commercial.

Even though I really enjoy Android better, Apple is still the best marketer. From naming the devices simply to excellent emotional marketing, they appeal well to the everyday buyer.

i think the phone is good and the commercial is great too, but the phone will come to late, samsung and htc would have dominated the market untill thn with theyr flagship phones with ics, and all the ppl would have bought one of these 2 by then...(sorry for bad english)

I can only hope that this comes "as is" with the the Tegra 3 to T-Mobile in the states. It would definitely be a worthy successor to the G2X.

what's everyone's problem with the S4? it is more than capable. i have a phone with the S3 and it runs super fast....

The device itself looks good with decent design and specs however how will the software and support be? If LG does'nt make improvements to its software and support i will not buy an LG simple as that

actually lg handeled updates much better than samung and htc, in my opinion, they bought gingerbread to he opyimus one line with 600mhz processor when htc and others didint make update available for phones with 1ghz processor

If someone actually made a phone that had a little TRON-esque flair like a blue LED strip that lined the side or back panel, I'd be all over it in a heartbeat (you know...as long as the rest of its specs were top of the line as well). I thought it was a really cool commercial.

The only way ill buy this phone is if it actually did fly. Commercial is all smoke and mirrors. LG phones NEVER perform as well as LG wants you to believe.