Cox HTC Hero Android PhoneCox HTC Hero Android phone

It's no great secret that Cox (as in Cox Cable) is working on on its own wireless service. And low and behold, it appears that Cox may have been using at least one Android phone for what likely is network testing, but maybe more.

Behold, an unbranded CDMA HTC Hero (of the Sprint design variety), purchased off Craigslist for $230. It features a Cox boot screen, which isn't necessarily strange on a test device, though it's an interesting detail to add for something that's not public. It's running on 1xRTT (our source says he couldn't get EV-DO working), and it the network's clearly labeled as "Cox."

Yes, we know this is all stuff that's easily replicated, so we all need to take this with a little grain of salt. There are more pictures and video after the break for your disbelieving eyes. Thanks, S!

 Cox HTC Hero Android phoneCox HTC Hero Android phone

Cox HTC Hero Android phoneCox HTC Hero Android phone

Cox HTC Hero Android phone


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HTC Hero with Cox branding spotted


I can confirm that Cox is using HTC Heros internally for testing. I have a family member that works in their support division that has a Hero running on COX and she said that almost all of her coworkers are also using them. The one she had was running Android 1.5 but it did have EVDO rev A service.