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Chameleon, a slick widget-based home screen launcher that we spied earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign, has just been released on Google Play for an even $10. 

Chameleon is really focused on Android tablets more than anything, and offers a unified look and feel for a whole bunch of widgets. Chameleon has an API available for developers that want to make their own widgets. Here are the ones available at launch.

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • RSS News Reader
  • Switches
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

There's still the familiar app tray included, but the real cool part is the context-sensitive layout switching. Imagine HTC Scenes with triggers. So, if you enter a particular Wi-Fi network, or are close to particular GPS coordinates, Chameleon can morph appropriately to its surroundings. 

You can get a look at our hands-on time with an early build over here, but we'll be doing a thorough review this week. Did anyone pledge to the Kickstarter campaign? How have those betas been treating you up until now?

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metaldood says:

dat price !

Visual360 says:

So those who put up $10 before (like me), will have to pay another $10 to get those widgets included on this???

I don't see Google+ on the BETA version.

freshnerd729 says:

If you backed up the project before and received beta app it doesn't matter you don't need to spend the 10 dollars because both those app will be updated same time so there is no difference

MMcCraryNJ says:

Like many others, I would consider this at 4.99. Hell I may even consider this at 5.99. 10 and change for a yet-to-prove-itself product is way too much, especially when that product is just a launcher (no matter how fancy the layout or features, it is just that..a launcher). They should offer a lower introductory price to get people interested in and talking about the product.

And who knows how far that 10 dollars is going to get you? They can cease development at any time...just look at LauncherPro Plus. That "complete re-write" he was talking about for months never happened, and new/better/and FREE launchers came out to replace it shortly after ICS.

jacksonarras says:

The calendar and Google+ widgets are coming soon I believe. I purchased the beta, and at first I didn't use it much due to the lack of app folders. But recently, I discovered an app called Swipepad that let's you swipe from different edges of the screen to pull up different menus for apps/widgets/etc. The price may be steep, but these two apps together create one of the most visually appealing and intuitive interfaces I've ever seen. Also so far they've been very consistent with releasing timely updates, and answering questions on their twitter page. I would absolutely recommend this app.

theintention says:

I will wait for more stability first. Looks good though.

I pledged $10 and have been using it off and on over the past month and a half. It's been ok. It really could use some more widgets, which will be coming soon. I use it for feeds, like Android Central. I do miss most of my widgets, but we will see how things progress from here. I am hopeful for sure.

iDroidd says:

Not worth $10 right now. I am a beta user and for one the article is incorrect about a calendar widget, there is none. Here are my complaints about Chameleon.

-limited widgets
-no custom wallpapers
-laggy scrolling
-can't hide dock
-can't hide notifications
-no custom grid size
-no custom app grid size
-no custom icons
-no theme support
-rendering issues when going from landscape to portrait

It's got potential but it's not there at all

On Nexus 7

phil112345 says:

You can have custom wallpapers. In gallery or chrome etc, 'share' the image and select chameleon wallpaper. It'll show up in the wallpaper selection area

xeroslash says:

A $5 price would have sold me right now to check it out. $10 makes me hold off and wait for others to spread the word. :)

antjphotog says:

Missing being able to group my apps in folders but definitely loving the new UI experience. Purchased last night. Happy to support change...even if it means pushing calendar and google+ widgers out sooner

jackbcohen2 says:

How do you get the android central widget or the netflix one? I have the used-to-be-beta app and it doesnt have either one on my nexus 7. it also doesn't have the alarm like they show on the site. are these apps only for 10inchers or am i missing something. thanks.