6 hours ago

Moto G (2014) with LTE goes up for sale in Brazil


After first rearing its head roughly a month ago, the new LTE version of Motorola's second generation Moto G is now available for sale in Brazil.

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7 hours ago

TYLT promo knocks $25 off Energi Sliding Power Cases for Galaxy S5, S4


For those of you looking to inject a little more juice into your Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, TYLT has announced a new promotion that knocks $25 off of its Energi Sliding Power Cases for the two devices. With the cases regularly priced at $80 for the S5 and $50 for the S4, this marks a fairly substantial discount.

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8 hours ago

Android Central 220: Bowl Super!


Audio-only stream below

This week we discuss what it does (and especially what it  doesn't mean) for Microsoft to have invested in Cyanogen, more folks have gotten Android 5.0 Lollipop on the HTC One M8, we've got new pictures of what the upcoming M9 might look like, we've got a Samsung Tizen phone in house, we wrap up our Nest series and launch into Android antivirus stuff — and we answer more of your questions live, without a net.

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9 hours ago

Lollipop delayed for some carrier versions of HTC One M8 and M7


After releasing Lollipop for the M8 on a few Canadian carriers just yesterday, HTC has announced today that it won't be able to hit the promised 90-day window for a rollout to some carrier versions of the HTC One M8 and One M7.

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10 hours ago

Android 5.0.2 factory images posted for cellular Nexus 7s


If you're still rocking a 2013-era Nexus 7 with LTE, or a 2012 mobile version, we've got some great news today. Google has just dropped the Lollipop factory images for the both devices, and they're version 5.0.2 to boot.

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12 hours ago

Antivirus for Android — do you need it?

Android Antivirus

Do any of us really need antivirus software on our Android phones and tablets?

In a past life I worked basic tech support at both Best Buy's Geek Squad and Staples' Easy Tech programs. I have heard every possible explanation for why a computer might have been infected with something, and happily collected a paycheck while fixing the same things over and over again. Most of the time, when someone asked me what antivirus software I used I would be perfectly honest with them and explain that I didn't use any third-party software antivirus software on my Windows machine. I'd explain that I was very aware of where I was browsing and what I was clicking, and keeping my system up to date handled the rest. I didn't recommend this experience to most, because computer viruses wouldn't exist if their success rates were zero and there are absolutely people who need those tools, but it's a strategy that has kept me safe so far.

Much like computers, you can't go too far on the Internet without stumbling across an article trying to scare you into believing your Android device is under constant threat from the countless nasty things on the Internet today. Where things differ for the average user is just how far out of your way most folks have to go in order to be in any real danger on an Android device. But you wouldn't know it by the sheer number of security and antivirus apps available to mobile devices today.

We get asked all the time whether our mobile devices need antivirus software, and while the answer isn't as clear cut as we'd like it's time to explain things as clearly as possible.

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13 hours ago

Google Earth Pro features now available for free to everyone


Google has announced that they are making Google Earth Pro features free to all users. Google Earth Pro adds a number of features and on top of the standard Google Earth desktop setup that allow you to measure 3D buildings, record HD video of your virtual flights, and more. You'll now be able to record your virtual trip to your favorite city absolutely free.

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13 hours ago

Google Now gets integration with 40 third-party apps


If you were looking to pick a little more information in your Google Now cards, there's some good news today: Google has rolled out integration with third-party apps, enabling them to surface information within their own Now cards.

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13 hours ago

Stock Talk: Google's Q4 2014 results a reminder of long-term goals

Google and Android

Short-term hits to the wallet may ultimately be good for the company

The mother ship behind Android (that'd be Google) reported its Q4 earnings on Thursday, and while there isn't a lot of Android-specific news to consider form the report (we did get small nuggets on the Nexus 6, Google Play usage and and Chromecast use), I know many of you are interested in Google as a whole, or even Google as an investment. So my mission here, as usual, is to summarize some of the most important data points and comments coming out of the earnings release and analyst conference call.

To frame this discussion, I think it's important that people keep in mind Google's tradition of focusing on long-term projects. Google's founders control a large block of multiple voting stock, and this capital structure was designed with control in mind. Larry and Sergey don't want Wall Street forcing them to worry about short-term performance. They want to be free to make very long term investments in projects that they expect to yield results way into the future.

We can look at projects like Google+ or Google Glass as potential failures. We can remind ourselves of all the beta products Google built only to shut down later. If we do this and act like the company's track record is poor, we are acting exactly opposite to how I believe successful entrepreneurs act. Any great business leader will tell you that it's important to fail at things. If you are not occasionally failing, you are not going after big enough goals.

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13 hours ago

Google's 3D-scanning Project Tango moving to new home inside the company


Project Tango is moving out of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group and into a new home within the company. Project Tango uses a number of sensors for monitoring the world in 3D. The company promises a continued commitment to Project Tango development according to a post from Google ATAP on Google+:

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14 hours ago

We're podcasting live at 4 p.m. EST!

Android Central Podcast

Whether this has been the longest week ever of one of the quickest, the end result is the same — we've arrived at Friday. Final day o the work week (for most of us) and the home of the live recording of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World.

So coming up this afternoon: We'll discuss what it does (and especially what it doesn't mean) for Microsoft to have invested in Cyanogen, more folks have gotten Android 5.0 Lollipop on the HTC One M8, we've got new pictures of what the upcoming M9 might look like, we've got a Samsung Tizen phone in house, we wrap up our Nest series and get launch into antivirus stuff — and we'll answer more of your questions live, without a net.

So join us at this link at 4 p.m. EST — that's 9 p.m. in London — as we get this thing done!

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15 hours ago

Even the Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 doesn't avoid Google's ecosystem

Samsung Z1

Samsung's first Tizen phone ships with Google Search and YouTube apps, and Google as its default search engine

Following delays of over a year, Samsung finally shipped its first Tizen-powered handset, the Z1, earlier this month in India. The arrival of Tizen on smartphones — remember it's been on Samsung's Gear smartwatches for almost a year now — has been a long time coming, and there's been plenty of speculation among press and mobile industry watchers that Tizen could emerge as a viable alternative to Android for the Korean electronics giant.

What we've found during our initial hands-on time with an Indian Samsung Z1, however, is a phone that's very much at ease with Google's ecosystem.

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16 hours ago

Major carriers partner to bring LTE to Chicago's subways


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that the city has reached a deal with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to bring 4G LTE from all four carriers to the Chicago Transit Authority's subway system. The network, which will replace the decade-old system currently in Chicago's subways, will provide continuous coverage for 22 miles.

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16 hours ago

Using Nest long term: Hands-off is a good thing


Nest Thermostat is the smartest connected home gadget I own, but it's far from perfect

"What do you think of that thing?"

We're all used to being asked about the smartphone in our hands. Someone on the train on in a coffee shop notices something unique about your tech and leans over to see what it does that made you pick one up. It was strange at first to have the question asked of a thermostat, especially since I've been trying to get my friends and family excited about connected home tech for well over a year now. Since installing the Nest Thermostat I've had this question asked nearly a dozen times, and the most curious thing about the question is often the reaction to my answer. See, I don't think about it. I notice it when I walk by it and the center screen lights, awaiting my input, but about a month ago I realized that I stopped thinking about the temperature of my house entirely, and after a little research I realized it was entirely because of the Nest Thermostat.

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17 hours ago

T-Mobile has two more ads lined up for the Super Bowl


It looks like T-Mobile will be showing multiple new ads during Super Bowl XLIX. In addition to their ad starring Kim Kardashian, T-Mobile will also air a spot featuring comedians Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman. While the full ad hasn't yet been posted online, the carrier did post a behind-the-scenes video.

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