Imo Accounts ScreenImo Conversation Screen

Following a general tidying up of its app just a month back, imo instant messenger is getting a complete UI overhaul today. The app is transitioning to a darker UI that is primarily black with red accents, accompanied by white backgrounds in the conversation view. Ease of use is the main goal with this update, with a combined conversation and contacts tab as well as improvements to the "imo network profile". The new UI looks very clean and in some ways mimics the design of stock Android's apps.

The update is scheduled to be live this afternoon at the Google Play Store link above. In the meantime, we've got a few more screenshots of the new UI for you after the break.

Group Chat Contact Profile

Call Screen Imo Menu

There are 10 comments

jhotmann says:

Holo all the things!

DSaif says:

Mimics the design of Stock Apps? It's Holo

naturalblue says:

yeah, i don't think people get it yet that apps are recommended to be designed that way. i think it will take a while...

ilongbored says:

I'm happy to see the theme update. Where was the source for this? Did they contact A|C directly?

wicketr says:

Does this do Text Messaging (MMS) as well? I want one messaging client to handle both Text Messages and Google Messaging.

Germian says:

It's a shame imo doesn't support push-notifications.

Of course it does.

Are there any differences from the beta?

warrenis1234 says:

i think its more than just holo. its copying the G+ messenger app way too closely