Talk Mobile 2013 launch party


We have maxed out our RSVP limit for today. Please come back to the site tomorrow at 12 Noon ET and we will be releasing a second wave of tickets. They're going fast, so if you missed out today be there tomorrow at 12 Noon ET. Can't wait to see you in NYC!

On June 6, we're all getting together for punch and pie — and Talk Mobile!

Any good uber-hyped editorial event has to have a kick-ass launch party, right? And to that end, we're throwing a little shindig on June 6 in New York City to celebrate the launch of Talk Mobile 2013. 

And you're invited!

We'll have punch and pie (meaning free food and an open bar, meaning this one's 21-and-up) and all your favorite Mobile Nations editors on hand next week, plus DJ Mia Moretti doing her thing, and special guests John P and Cali Lewis from GeekBeat.TV, whom you'll see all throughout Talk Mobile 2013.

Want to come? All you have to do is RSVP here:

Win a trip to the party!

If you're not in NYC, we have a contest happening right now where you and a guest can win a trip for two to NYC to attend the event. All you have to do is jump over to and enter your e-mail address to sign up for updates. (If you're already registered, you're already entered to win.) That's it. We need to get the winner booked this weekend, so the deadline for the contest is this Friday night at midnight PDT.

Thanks, and we'll see you in NYC next week!

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NoNexus says:

Your URL link is incomplete, good luck with the new venture!

SpookDroid says:

Oooh, please let me win the NYC trip :) (Drools :P). Ditto on the link thingy...

Fixed that link. Thx.

OhioCalling says:

Your activation email that I received has no instructions. It is just a picture that has "Thanks for signing up!" and "We love you x"

reeper55 says:

Hmmmmmm....Google maps says it is only a 3 hour and 13 minute drive from my home. Too bad my wife won't let me escape for a night!!

I'm 16... I raise the discrimination flag...

JobiWan144 says:

I'm over 18, but under 21. I don't like that part either.

Sorry, guys. But the law's the law.

can i just visit? I want a pic with my favorite editor...

jean15paul says:


Darth Enzo says:

More people will come if they think we have punch and pie!

Awesome. Governor's Ball starts the next day so I'll kick off the weekend with this party.

orlanka says:

New York? Really? Help me understand why O'Fallon, MO never makes it on the list of places y'all like to meet up. We have Walmart and even a Target just like them fancy cities.

nyc doesn't have a walmart.. so... yeah...

orlanka says:

That's just not right. I feel bad for them people. Where do they get their guns?

Eh... We just 3d print em...

JahmeZZ says:

Hey Phil, What's the dress code for Thursday?