Comcast Xfinity Android App

Waiting on the Comcast Xfinity Android app and tired of seeing it on the iPhone and iPad? No worries. We've got you covered. Here it is running on the venerable Sprint Hero. We're told it's plenty snappy and has the myDVR management built in, which is nice.

We still don't know exactly when it'll be available for Android, but it's currently in testing, so that's a good sign. We've got more pics of it in action after the break. [Xfinity] Thanks, anon!

Comcast Xfinity Android App

Comcast Xfinity Android App

Comcast Xfinity Android App

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dougeetx says:

Comcast? Are they still around?

They are the largest Cable provider in the Country.

anthonyzul says:

...and not to mention their pending/practically already approved merger with NBC/Universal effectively making them one of the largest media companies in the whole damn world!

schrack3000 says:

Microsoft...are they still around. Google.....they still around? Nike....they still make shoes? Man, it is hard work being this hip.

cjbrigol says:


jonapga says:

LMAO, if i wasn't sitting down i might be laying down on the floor laughing right now.

come to me!

Magellan says:

Yes, they are the big player in the Midwest.

Butters3605 says:

Can't wait!! Being able to control my Cable box with my phone will be cool, but what I am really looking forward to is be able to control my DVR while I am on the go...

wowser says:

You can do this today. "". Only problem is that it is a PIA to use this site on the browser since they use so much Java. I use it whenever there is something i must record and i'm away from the house.

nt4cats says:

Comcast recently added remote DVR access to their mobile site. It is not nearly as powerful as the desktop web site nor the standalone mobile app, however it works.

Visit "" on your phone's browser and that will redirect you to You'll se a "schedule a recording" option there.

kuest37 says:

sweet...I've been waiting for this app.

Quasar says:

why was my message marked as spam? :p

pbcEVO says:

Will this app allow streaming of on demand movies and tv episodes??

pbcEVO says:

If not i can care less, i will wait for netflix to come to android whenever that will be..

nvegatech says:

I have a Sling Adapter and I can stream all my live TV programming and DVR recordings onto my Android. Did I mention that I don't have Comcast? I've actually been subscribed to DISH Network for 8 years now and I love that they're always the first to provide cool technology like this before all other providers. As an employee of DISH I see this as a trend and don't recommend any other provider if you want to be at the head of the game with cool devices.