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Already on iOS, Codemasters' classic rally title is reportedly bound for Android

Colin McRae Rally is a classic game, no doubt. Anyone who's ever played the console original will likely agree, and following a release earlier this year on iOS, Codemasters is reported to be bringing it to Android as well. Our pals at iMore are big fans of the mobile remake, and so you'll understand we're quite excited to get our hands on it here as well. 

The news comes courtesy of Pocket Gamer, though at this point lacks any kind of timeline, indication of price, device support, anything really. But, they say it's coming, and that at least makes us happy. It's usually $1.99 in the iOS App Store, so it's not likely to break the bank, and it's an awful lot of game for it as well. Any fans of the original out there that would love to have this on their Android devices? 

Source: Pocket Gamer

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Green_Laser says:


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I used to have all the original Colin McRae game on the original Xbox. Had a few on PC along side the fantastic rally sim Richard Burns Rally.
Sadly they don't make games like that anymore.

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BK Phil1 says:

Sold! I'll buy two copies.

rafabr4 says:

Those are quite good news.

Gearu says:

Is it the actual original from PS1 though. Doesn't look like it. No sale.

adamh31 says:

I think it looks like 5 from the ps2?

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MobiGnosis says:

Codemasters aware about rising popularity of android smartphone worldwide. To be remain in popular game segment Codemasters bringing it to android.

ArXiLaMaS says: