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If you're using the CyanogenMod team's custom ROM on your Android device, and are running any of the nightlies from today (Sep. 30) onward, you now have a new option in your settings -- CM Updater. What it does is give you the option to automatically check for updates and install then, just like an over the air update from your carrier. We've seen this done before from other developers, and from ROM Manager, but now there's a built in option for all users of the ROM.

It's worth noting that this only checks for and installs updates to CM 10. It doesn't replace a custom recovery, so you'll need ClockWorkMod recovery installed to use it. It also doesn't update any Google Apps, so you're on your own for those. 

To find the feature, make sure you have the latest nightly build, and look in Settings > About phone > CyanogenMod updates. You can choose from a few different options, including whether or not you only want to stay on the stable release track. Everything seemed to go fine in our quick testing using tonight's nightly build for the Galaxy S3, but keep in mind that this is not a finished product yet, so there may be bugs. 

Anyone giving this a try? Sound off in the comments to let everyone else know how it goes for you. If you hit any snags, hit the forums to hash it all out.

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Reader comments

CM Updater goes live, update your CyanogenMod 10 builds automatically


I use Euroskanks CM10 I think it's called JellyBro on both my Nexus and my Nexus 7. Updated them both to the 30ths build and the updater is there. Of course can't try it out yet :/

Just installed then new CM nightly on my Nexus S 4g the option is there but like its been said cant really test yet. But glad this feature was added now they just need some ports from the GS3.

The updater seems to install Google Apps because it blew away the version I was using with working Gallery Photo Sync and replaced it with the non-working one. Also doesn't look like the backup option works yet.

So if I run an update through the cm updater, will I lose all my data/contacts/apps/etc if I don't backup first?

It's been working fine for me. I would like to know where it puts the downloads though so I can delete the old ones all together in Windows instead of having to press and hold each one for the delete command.

I recently installed cm 11 nightly from dec 20 on xperia tab z. I am able to download newer versions and it updates to the new build automatically. But for some reason i have been going into boot loops after newer builds. SO i had to manually install back to the version of dec 20. Even 10.2 won't work. Anyone know why?