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Just weeks after we saw our first "unofficial" release of a touch version of the popular ClockworkMod custom recovery, developer Koush has put forth a beta version of his own, available for download now. 

For you new folks, a custom recovery is an indispensable way to back up your device as well as install new custom ROMs and updates, among other little hacky things. Until recently, it's been controlled by using the volume up/down buttons to scroll through the menus, and (usually) the power button to select. 

This touch recovery still has volume select, but now the touchscreen works, and works well. We've got some hands-on video after the break, and you can snag it from the download links below.

Download CWM Touch beta: Galaxy Nexus (GSM and CDMA), Nexus S (GSM)
More: +ClockworkMod

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ClockworkMod touch recovery released as beta


Very cool. Touch feature on CWM will be nice. I notice on my GNex when scrolling thru CWM with the volume rockers, its very sensitive and jumps a few lines at once.

it only works for the Galaxy nexus--something the article doesn't specify (unless you look at the download links).

anyone scanning will download/install & then come back here to freak out...hope the title/article gets edited to include this information :)

Nope more phones were recently supported, I installed it on my htc tbolt and it works perfectly you just have to download the version for your phone.

I noticed it is an IMG file. do I install this the same way as installing from a ZIP through clockworkmod? Or do I install this like am APK?

You flash it through ADB most likely. You can probably do it using terminal emulator as well. I don't remember the commands though, I am sure in the rooting guide for the Galaxy Nexus (or whichever phone you are using) there is a command that flashes the recovery image and it would be the same here.

Flash through fastboot as follows: fastboot flash recovery filename.img (replace filename.img with the actual image name).

The supported phones are listed on the home page for clockworkmod, also if your phone is supported if you have the latest rom manager it should show in the app that touch recovery is supported, you can pay 1.99 to simply install via the market or go to the website and download.

I've already flashed two roms with the touch recovery, it's pretty freaking cool and easy to use, no more volume rocker YEAH!