Clash Of The Nexus Ninjas

Just in case you never caught the prolougue for the game while watching the Galaxy Nexus unboxing video, Clash Of The Nexus Ninjas is a real game that is currently available in the Android Market. Based on the previous generation Nexus unboxing videos by Patrick Boivin, you get to play the red ninja who has to protect his new Galaxy Nexus from the likes of the black and white ninjas who have decided to join forces in an effort to steal your precious cargo. 

You'll have to kick and punch your way through six action packed levels full of enemies and bosses but don't be afraid to unleash Nexus power. It's a power that is so awesome -- it can take out a multitude of ninjas at once. Clash Of The Nexus Ninjas is available now for free -- download link is past the break for you all.


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Clash Of The Nexus Ninjas: Go on a 8-bit hunt for the Galaxy Nexus


I was so excited. Got through phase 1, the cut scene started, I sat up straight in anticipation.. phase 2 started.... I gave my computer 'the look' and closed my browser window and walked away......

Also handy when your service cuts out while Google releases a fix!

~A joking GNex LTE owner (It's a happy time of year, no?)