In case you had any doubt about its prerelease name. More in our Chromecast forums.

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Chromekey ...


They were going to call it chromekey. They changed their minds. They didn't change the screen yet.

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That explains why I kept wanting to call it ChromeKey when talking to friends about it. It was buried somewhere in my head.

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But makes sense - ChromeCast is the "send to"-tech and you access that with your ChromeKey. But I guess it's too hard to explain two new things the the broader masses ;-)

I'm glad they went with Chromecast. Chromekey sounds like something you'd open your door with.

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Perhaps the "service" was to be ChromeCast and the device itself Chromekey.

Hmmm... Wonder if that's what Phil was running on the last regular Podcast. Remember the TV in the background???

It took you three minutes to look at a picture and read a sentence? You have bigger issues to worry about rather than trying to find "3" minutes of lost time.