In case you had any doubt about its prerelease name. More in our Chromecast forums.

Thanks, Explicit!

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thla says:

I don't get it

flagg902 says:

They were going to call it chromekey. They changed their minds. They didn't change the screen yet.

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thla says:

I get that, i just wonder why it's news :P

FortTech101 says:

Some people never knew that, like me.

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wxrusss8 says:

Nice save ;-)

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Dmw017 says:

same here. androidcentral is fiending for stories

kewlgreen says:

It's marketed as the Chrome Cast but this screen is calling the chrome key?

Pre-release name was Chrome key

newboyx says:

That explains why I kept wanting to call it ChromeKey when talking to friends about it. It was buried somewhere in my head.

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Snapphane says:

But makes sense - ChromeCast is the "send to"-tech and you access that with your ChromeKey. But I guess it's too hard to explain two new things the the broader masses ;-)

FortTech101 says:

I'm glad they went with Chromecast. Chromekey sounds like something you'd open your door with.

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return_0 says:

You mean your ChromeDoor or Nexus Door ;)

newboyx says:
Rumors of a "ChromeKey" have been floating around for a little over a month. I believe this is what Phil is referring to with this post. The above linked post is just one of several around that time frame that had information about a secret ChromeKey product.

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mssca says:

Is this the one that you don't need the USB power cable? :) >::<

flashg_123 says:


jlczl says:

Correct. Assuming you have HDMI 1.4

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tdizzel says:

You win the internets today

Kinglo says:

Am I the only one that has a usb connection On their TV?

OmarF82 says:

No. Mine have USB connections too.

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dskwerl says:

*Insert reference to the band Chroma Key here*

Chromekey sounds too much like Chroma key which is totally different and too confusing as you can see by this wikipedia:

Skitz_Marz says:

wait, does this mean theres an update for the chromecast?

ultravisitor says:

The update is only for the people whose devices were still being recognized as Chromekeys.

Skittlezgti says:

gotcha. thanks

MrJazz says:

Perhaps the "service" was to be ChromeCast and the device itself Chromekey.

Hmmm... Wonder if that's what Phil was running on the last regular Podcast. Remember the TV in the background???

Shadowriver says:

ChromeCast is not a service, it's just remote browser, services are on websoites :p

jschu22 says:

Who do I talk to about the last 3 minutes of my life back?

tdizzel says:

Jeffrey at extension 2834

Explicit says:

It took you three minutes to look at a picture and read a sentence? You have bigger issues to worry about rather than trying to find "3" minutes of lost time.

glazedfaith says:


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MidMoMonkey says:

It does somewhat resemble a key.

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MarkSeven says:

Maybe the Autobots already had "Chromekey" trademarked..

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