Slowly but surely, we're making our way through a week's worth of Chromecasts. We've got five of Google's $35 media streamers left here, and one of them can be yours!

To enter, pay attention and do the following: Using only your left ring finger, leave a comment of no more than 73 characters on this post. Press the enter key with your right index finger while simultaneously holding your left pinkie in the air, ever so elegantly.

That's it. We'll pick an entry left through midnight tonight Pacific time. We've already picked winners from the first two days and are waiting to hear back, so stay tuned.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: We've got five left, and one is yours!


While it's nice that it looks like plex is going to support it... I would love to hear playon or (for the love of thor) TiVo support it.

I have been searching for a Google Chromecast for the past week and have yet to find one in stock. This would get some good use when casting to my TV and listening to music.

Send one to me I live in Northern Ireland and won't see this for months.

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This is better than playing the lottery I think... I have never played the lottery so I don't know.

Day three! Come on lucky seven! Big papa needs a new toy :-)

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I think my winning entry was lost in the mail yesterday. So - I'm trying again today.

I would live to have this to replace my recently passed away Roku

.+ydy+:. `-+sys/.
-odh+-` ./sy+.
.odh+.` .- ` `/yy:
.sds- `/do `h` -yh:
`odo. `.--::+yds- sy` /ms`
:ds.-ohdddhdmNdo- `oh/` .hh.
`oh/odNMMMMNNds//ohh/ .+yy+:-.`` `sd.
-dssNMMMMy+oNMMMNh.`-yh- .+dNNmmmmdhyo/-` oh`
+msmMMMMMM/.-mMMMMMd` `sm. `/ydds++:...:ohmyoo` `yo
`smomMMMMMMMNNNMMMs+NM+ .No -smMMMMMMMNmho:``:dd: .m-
`sm:d+MMMMMMMMMMMm+ sMh dy .smMMMMdsyNMMMMMNd+``oN+ oy
+N:.m.NMMMMyoyyo:` .hMo `ms /h+NMMMM- oMMMMNhdNy` oN/ `d.
`ms -d`+NMMM. ```./smd+` +M/ od.+MMMMMmyhNMMNh:``dMy `hm. s+
/m. .m``/dMMmhhddddho:` :ms -N- sMMMMMMMMMmo.` yMm` :Mo sy
yy y/---:+oo+/:-.``` `om+` +m` +MMMMy::/:` :mN+ md om`
dy .s/:----....------/dy- /N` `hMMMh-` ./yNm/ yN` +N`
ds `-sy+:::::::-::/shs-` .N- .yNMMNdhhyhdmNh+. oM- +M.
ds /++osyhysssssyyo/. od. `/hmMMMMNdy/.` ``hM. +M.
yd` `-sm:--..` `oh-..``.-::-.` ``.--:yNs +N`
:M: `/. :yo:---.........---:/sdy:` yh
`hd` `:oso///://////+oshh+. `m+
.my` `/hmmmddhhyyhdh+-` /m`
-dy` :::--..`````./y/ .m/
`oh: `-/++-```....`` `. -ds
-hs. ++yhsyyssssssssso/--.` :my`
`oh+` `:oo/-.` `.:+ooddyso. .omo`
./s+-` .:/+o++/////+oo//:-` `+hy-
-+oo:. ``.....` `-+ys-
`-/oo/-.` `.-/osmy.
`-/+oo+:-..`` ```.-:+oyys/-`:N+
`-oydmmhyyyyyyyysssssso+/-. yN-
`:o+. `-oh+sssoosdy-```````........-Nd`
-h` -Ns .hhoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooM/
`y/` `dy .N+.```` ` `mm
.odysysooms.`...-sN: +M/
-Ns-Ns` .oyysso+/yhs:.` .Nh
hN:Ms ./ydhyo/.`` yN-
-mdNs `.:oyddys/-`` :Mo
:mMs `-/ohdy+ `Nm
-Ms .:: yM.
-Ms /M+
:Mo .Ny
/M+ `md
+M: `md`
sM. `md`
hM` `md
mN` `md
Nd `md
`Nh `md
`my `dy

Statistically, I have very little chance of winning. However, there is no harm in me entering this contest anyway.

I would find it quite ravashing to win my self a Google media dongle for my entertainment window watching device.

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I need it more than a hooker in Atlantic City need that money for her PIMP.

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I feel very high class typing this way. Thankfully swype doesn't care what finger I use :-) Here's to hoping.

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i'm pretty sure you were joking about the fingers, but im actually doing it in case it improves my contest karma.

left ring finger ...your left or my left. ok, that left, got it. i'm in thailand, will that be a problem, right index finger

Please pick me, i live in france and i can't buy it for now :(
I beg you^^

pick me!! I actually did that with only my left ring finger then i realized how would you know the difference.... im dumb. i still want it tho!

My birthday was Sunday, the 28th. What a Great post-Birthday present this would make! Please, Sir or Madam, please...!!!

You wanna know how hard that was to type that with just my left ring finger? had to use caps lock a million times....... and used my rubiks cube in the process.

Been trying to get one locally with no luck! Be nice to get a free one!

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Left ring finger... √
Fewer than 73 characters... √
Right index/left pinky... √

It took me 20 minutes to type this and I cannot order the CHROMECAST yet in the Netherlands so please choose me.......

This contest requires more manual dexterity than I normally possess.

Still would like a Chromecast . . .

I'll be the happiest woman on earth if u tell me I've won!!!

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