Slowly but surely, we're making our way through a week's worth of Chromecasts. We've got five of Google's $35 media streamers left here, and one of them can be yours!

To enter, pay attention and do the following: Using only your left ring finger, leave a comment of no more than 73 characters on this post. Press the enter key with your right index finger while simultaneously holding your left pinkie in the air, ever so elegantly.

That's it. We'll pick an entry left through midnight tonight Pacific time. We've already picked winners from the first two days and are waiting to hear back, so stay tuned.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: We've got five left, and one is yours!



Oh come on send one my way it will probably be a year before we can buy them in the EU

And I will now extend a ridiculously long opening comment thread. My GBOX needs to be thrown out.

Pick me! I lost my left pinkie finger in a tragic thresher accident last year and can use this to replace it.


"I would like one please" me said with my pinky standing firmly and defiantly in the air.

My left ring finger no longer has a ring on it, so I hope that doesn't make a difference. Thanks!

Deliver one to me and I will guarantee on your death bed, that you will achieve total consciousness...which is nice!


There 73

Here is my 73 characters or less request to pick me as the next winner!!

Not easy to type with left ring finger but I want one..please pick me! Thank you

Still waiting for last night's email, but we'll try again. *left pinky up*

Can you please pick me this time, I really want one and don't want to wait weeks for it to be in stock.


I lost my right index finger in an unfortunate nose picking accident. Looks like I lost.... :(

here is my entry. im following all of the rules but finding i cant use the shift key or some

I got a nexus 7 from my friends for my 30th birthday this year would love to use it with a chromecast

this is an interesting way to type. significantly slows me down, i feel like an over 50 year old typing.

please pick me [explanation mark]

Well everyone at work gave me an awkward look, but it is done. Chromecast me!!

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I accidently ripped off my ear lobe while typing this and now need to YouTube how to reattach it. Please pick me!

Should I post a video of myself posting this?? I need a Chromecast for every room in my house!

Just got my first Andriod a few weeks ago. Would love to try this out!

my 360 broke this morning and my 3 year old has yet to find out she wont be able to watch her Dora on netflix....make the right choice Phil....don't make me go home to that =0

Can't find one anywhere! Thanks for the chance to win one. :)

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