Whoopsie. Someone kinda got distracted by all this Moto X stuff and forgot to post Thursday's contest. My fault. So let's double up on Friday and give away two more Chromecasts!

Just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight PST and pick a couple winners soon thereafter.

Only one more to go after this. Now, what to do with these new Nexus 7s and a bunch of NVIDIA Shields? To be continued ...


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Chromecast-a-Day: Let's double up for Friday


I just ordered the Google edition S 4 time to retire my beloved Dell Streak to the role of entertainment system.

Phil I still have not gotten my Chromecast can you check to see when it will come. Thanks

Am hoping this competition is open for UK as well... really excited to try out the new Android devices!

I'll take both. Or one. You know, whatever. Or a Shield. Ooh a Shield...

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Two for today. My statistics knowledge is pretty rusty but I'm pretty sure I have something like a one in two chance of winning now. It's almost a given!

I want one please. Just bought a chromebook and wasn't to connect pair it with is ;-)

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I'd be happy to take one of these off your hands. Really curious to see the difference between ChromeCast and my Vizio Costar GoogleTV.

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Pretty please with sugar on top...send me a chromecast :-)

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Chromecast is a blast!! For what you can do and what's to come, it's a must have in every home and for any OS.

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Giving away two? I could use at least one.

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I have made very little effort. Please give me free stuff. Thank you.

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I want one please, even if it's not my birthday! Hope who ever wins it,.. enjoys it!! YAY!!

New Nexus 7, Chromecast, Moto X. My head's going to explode and I don't have any of them! There's a good home here for one of those Chromecasts.

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Would make a great addition to the living room, I've been plugging my phone into my receiver to play music through Google Music, this would be a lot easier haha.

If i don't win powerball saturday night this sure would be a nice consolation prize...


I wonder if this is long enough will anyone notice?


Perhaps not :(

Anyway...typing in this box is better than refactoring the 8000 line javascript file that I'm meant to be doing right now.

hate my life.


I want a Chromecast. I already installed the Cast extension in anticipation of it. :)

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies!

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In the not-too-distant future
Next Sunday A.D.
There was a guy named Joel,
Not too different from you or me.
He worked at Gizmonic Institute,
Just another face in a red jumpsuit.
He did a good job cleaning up the place,
But his bosses didn't like him
So they shot him into space.

I definitely need to try out a Chromecast. Also, my birthday is coming up.

It's double your flavor and double your fun. Let's double up double up double up to win one.

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I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one of these!!!
Free would make it the BESTEST!
(The content of our posts probably doesn't have any bearing on our chances, huh?)

honestly ive never won anything when it comes to these online contest, id really love to win this..

boolean giveAnthonyChromecast = true;
User anthony = new AndroidCentral.user(this);

if(giveAnthonyChromecast == true){

//looks like you have no choice but to give me one

I demand a pack of double mint gum be included in the prize if I win.

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I am going through a tough phase right now. A chromecast would really cheer me up...

I am going through a tough phase right now. A chromecast would really cheer me up...

I had this feeling all day yesterday that I was forgetting something. Turns out it was the contest entry

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I just wish I could have one. It would make my weekend great. You da bomb

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