This is it, folks. The final offering from our weeklong "Chromecast-a-day" contest. We've given away a half-dozen already, and today rounds it out.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll pick from entries through midnight PST tonight. We've got a little catching up to do, so stay tuned for a week's worth of winners.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: The final dongle



I have just been writing comments after comments and don't know if I have won our not. Do we get notified by email plus announced on the website? Go android central!! Share the chromecast with me!

Please please I beg of you!!! I enter everything and don't win?!?!

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I'd like to cast my content all over my TV please!

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Please be me. Been looking everywhere for one of these things.

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I dont win stuff when it comes to contests. But i dont know why i just keep trying and hoping regardless.

Last Chance!?!?!?! What am I gonna do now??? I guess I'll just cry if I'm not one of the lucky 7, at least until the next fantastic contest comes my way.

Pick me pick me! *raises hand and jumps*

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Oh how I would love to get one of these.. But my tech budget is all gone. And the wife isn't budging yet..:-(..

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Thanks AC for all the free stuff you've given away over the years. Now, can you pick my name this one time, please. ;-)

Hopefully......last day is a charm??

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I physically cannot buy one of these, so winning one would mean the world to me!

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Last chance... I never win with this site, and they have such cool giveaways sometimes. Maybe this day will be different!

Can I have one please?

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App PLEASE 1

sent from my Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Hi. I've been trying all week for this and this is my last chance. I know there's thousands of others who you have to choose from, but if you chose my then it would mean so much to me, here in the UK I doubt Google will ever get around to selling them :( Just take the N4 wireless charging orb for example. Anyway, as long as you've read this I'm fine with whoever you choose.

Thanks for considering me! I'd would love to win so much.

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Last day, last chance. Crossing my fingers and hoping for this last Chromecast!

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I've always wanted a dongle of my very own. I would love to have an AC Google dongle dangling from my dodad.

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Thanks Android Central for picking me on the last day of the contest. You guys are great! last try!! This thing looks promising :-)

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The last day..... I really hope I get this one. If not, congrats to those who did!

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MY NEW NEXUS 7 IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT THIS! **Jedi mind trick** you will pick this comment...

Una vez más, la buena suerte, mis amigos! =D

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on CyanogenMod 10.1.2

Any last words...yup proofreading is fundamental. How do you if you win guess that's only a problem winners have to worry about

Looks like I have no luck at all .....0-2 count.. Hopefully I hit a home run with this one

come on man..... its getting really cold up here in canada.....brrrrrrr, need one to keep us warm !!!!

Looking forward to the chance to try one of these out. Thanks for running this contest.

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I guess if its my last shot Ill have to keep the fingers crossed all day. Here is to luck. lol. GL all

Is the contest still open? I'd like a Chromecast - the Google Play store doesn't sell devices here in Singapore! =(

Thanks for all you guys give. Weeks worth of Nvidia shield next ;)?

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ME! Though looks like Amazon will be getting stock soon. Aug 20th is my estimated delivery date.

Awesome contest and I'd really like to win this so I can start casting Android Central podcasts to my TV

Hopefully today is my lucky day.

Posted via Android Central App on Sprint LTE. Seriously.

would love to win this for my husband...i think he tried 6 times and it would sooooo sweet if i got it for him on my first try!!! :)

wow!! Comments are just pouring in....I comment...Cogito e rgo win!!! lol. ...All the best to "me" and "you"

And then there was one. One left to rule them all. One that would determine a man's fate. The one that would end a man's tireless battle to bring videos to his tv. Chromecast.... Will he finally obtain it? Will it finally be mine! ?

Please, please random Gods, for the last chance... Send one to Canada... At my home... How crazy am I to try this thing...

Onneeeee more timeeeeee... Little daft punk reference to maybe help my cause.

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I want to put one of these on every TV in the house :-)

Thanks AC for the contest!

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