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Quickly re-open that tab you accidentally closed while reading

Those of you on the beta track of Chrome on Android will be receiving an update today with a small, but useful, set of features. First up is the ability to "undo" an accidental tab closure — something that we're all used to being able to do on desktop browsers. Next is improvements to the video player, letting your phone or tablet make use of HTML5 full-screen video with subtitles and on-screen playback controls.

The update also includes support for the multi-window features on some devices (although which ones aren't specified), as well as support for sending some videos from the browser to Chromecast directly. The update is now available from the Play Store at the link above, so long as you're okay with moving over to the beta channel of the browser.

Source: Google Chrome Releases

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A895 says:

Finally. That was a feature regular chrome can use.

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davemacd says:

cmd+ shift + t (ctrl + shift + t on Windows)

You're welcome.

kkhanmd says:


I love undo closed tabs. Welcomed feature for mobile.


xs228 says:

Nice. This combined with Chromcasting of HTML5 content is drving me to Chrome and away from Dolphin. Keep it up Google.

dietrichmd says:

Now, if we could just get extensions

bradley y says:

Accessibility tab switcher had it.


calvin35 says:

Does anyone have any inside knowledge as to why Chrome doesn't have text reflow?

Saturn1217 says:

I think it messes with page layouts in ways Google didn't like. I liked text reflow too (a lot. I hate reading small text). But just in case you haven't tried it, I find increasing the minimum text size in accessibility in chrome settings to be a good substitute. At least for me it takes care of 99% of my small text reading issues.

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kgh00007 says:

Does it add the option to close all tabs on the nexus 7?

Not that I can see after a quick look.

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jlievre says:

always FC when I wanna open a tab ... Not so useful

samsgun357 says:

The update keeps crashing the app on my device

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eyesparky says:

Fantastic. Hate it when I have to hunt down accidentally closed tabs. Works really well and allows you to do multiple closed tabs too. All good.