Chrome 37 is now available in the Google Play Store. Today's update is notable for bringing over a new look and feel the Material Design refresh we saw recently in Chrome Beta.

Head to the Play Store and you'll find the following new features in Chrome:

  • Signing in to Chrome signs you in to your favorite Google sites
  • Updated look and feel with elements of Android's new Material Design
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!

Grab the updated Chrome in the Google Play Store and let us know what you think of the new design.

Thanks for the tip Ben H!


Reader comments

Chrome for Android updated with Material Design


Looks like it is hidden on most (if not all) phones. The browser looks and feels better but they have severely hurt the user experience.

I actually like it better this way. Before you had to click on it in the address bar. I can't tell you how many times my fat fingers clicked on the address text instead. Using the menu option is much easier

I'm not a fan of the new material design very much form over function... Extra actions are extra actions and surely drag down refresh is the most thumb friendly way to go

And (on a similar note) when the hell will they move the create new tab button to the RHS? Most people being, you know, right handed.

The Hamburger menu is where ALL of the controls are. That's what the Hamburger menu is for. The Hamburger menu is not hidden. You see the Hamburger menu, you know to press it, all of your controls are there in one place. Again, how exactly is that hidden? It's not like all the other controls are in one place, and then you have to go somewhere else, and dig through some menus to find the refresh and bookmark buttons. They are ALL there in one place. I guess the actual web pages in the browser are "hidden" too, since you have to 1st touch the Chrome icon to get to them. Stop crying over ridiculous things. The update looks fantastic.

Crying about it? I'm just explaining the meaning of the word, it's not my fault you don't understand.

You're using spurious logic, the entire point of a "hamburger menu" is to keep things hidden until they're needed.

You've defeated your own argument.

Posted via Android Central App

Sigh, it's my own mistake. I thought you may have been an intelligent, reasonable, open minded person.

Apparently I was very wrong.

Posted via Android Central App

Probably some ex Apple employee who's not really an ex Apple employee.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Wow, lots of negative users reviews, especially about the refresh button being hidden and the back button having been removed. Not that I care, as I use Boat Browser most of the time.

Posted via Android Central App

In the lower part of your phone. Sometimes it's a hardware one and sometimes it's a software one but you have one for sure.

It's probably a ROM bug because the Android back button in chrome is supposed to take you back in the history or back to the last activity but never to open a new tab.

My problem is I have a forward, back and refresh on top of the Chrome toolbar and when on line I can drag a second refresh out from under the toolbar. What is this?

Amazing update. I am digging the aesthetics and simpler design.

The back arrow at the bottom of my screen still functions as making the page go back, so I don't have to go into a menu to make the page go back. I thought all Android phones did this.

Posted via Android Central App

I did too. I have a droid maxx and a note 3 and I always use the back button on the phone. Never used it on chrome.

Posted via Android Central App

Same here, I only ever use the forward button in the menu. I think putting all the navigation buttons behind the menu was a good idea. There is not much screen real estate on a phone, so sowing all the buttons all the time makes the UI very busy.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I'm now forced to be signed into without being in incognito mode? (I use sync) Wtf

Posted via Android Central App

I don't care for the new design. This sucks if you ask me. Back button is not a big deal as the back arrow works but still annoying. Now the refresh button thats annoying and I need it dor several sites I visit. Looks like I need to find a different browser :(

Posted via Android Central App

No but instead of being accessible in the search bar you now have to click the menu button to access it.

Posted via Android Central App

That would make sense, I'm surprised they haven't implemented it with the redesign.

Posted via Android Central App

I like the redesign. It's modern, simple and fresh! I'm not saying google doesn't screw up, but I'm all in with google

Posted via the Android Central App

Interesting that on tablet the back/forward buttons and refresh is still front and center.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

More space is possibly the reasoning. I like it the way it is. Don't need those button front and center. But possibly the option to turn them in would be good to appease the whiners.


Yes the redesign works for me, it's really not a big deal.

Tangent: looking forward to the notifications in the next AC app update....

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

I'm digging the new design.. The refresh button is a bummer, but I've noticed a bigger issue. When I play YouTube videos that are embedded they are gray and distorted. Uninstalled and reinstalled.. No luck. Is anyone elseelse having this issue?

Are you serious? Complaining about the back and refresh button? If you want to refresh, just click on the navigation bar, the address will be hihghlited, and then you just hit enter. That's how you refresh. If you want to go back, FOR GOD'S SAKE, JUST HIT THE 'BACK" BUTTON ON YOUR PHONE! Every single Android phone has a back button and... yes, it works on the browser as well. It seems as if you guys were using an iPhone

On iOS you use the slide gesture to go back actually.

But I just played with this new Chrome update on the Moto X, it looks great.

I can live with the back button as I usually just used the Nav Back Button while in Chrome, but I kinda want refresh to go back the way it was on phones. Also, how do I get the card stack view for open tabs? Was not on my Nexus 7 when I did the update and I have yet to update on my Nexus 5.

The reviews on this are most ignorant dumb comments ever. All it takes it 2 seconds to sit back and relax and these people are saying it looks like it belongs on iOS, lol.

Posted via the Android Central App

Looks nice but still waiting for a reader mode which like every browser other than chrome has and still waiting on extensions.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Visually, it's a great looking design, but why is there no immersive mode? I would like to use my entire screen. It's amazing how many of Google's own apps still don't utilize immersive mode nearly a year after its debut. They changed the entire app to the new design guidelines, but forgot to utilize something useful that they themselves introduced last year.

I like new material design, textra was updated with it and it looks great!

Posted via Android Central App on 1+1

Very minimalistic look to it which hurts functionality a bit, although it does look nice. The scrolling is also incredibly smooth now

Looks nice, but two things bother me. Everyone's already complaining about the refresh being dumped into a menu but also, what happened to the loading progress bar? When I have a bad connection and have to hit reload multiple times before the page actually tries to load, now I have no indication that it's currently trying rather than failed again.

Actually. You're wrong. The load bar is still there. And it's blue. Yup. Blue.

Posted via Android Central App

Lol this update suuuuucks. The material design is good awful ugly. I uninstalled 30 seconds after I updated and now I'm back to pre update Chrome and happy again.

Posted via Android Central App

I like the new design, but I don't really dig the idea of putting the refresh button in the menu.

Oh well. Guess I'll have to get used to it.

Posted via Android Central App

Personally, I love the new design. I don't mind at all that some of the buttons are hidden.

I think that the users that are complaining about that extra tap are just stupidly lazy. "OMG!! I have to tap TWICE to refresh!? TWICE!?? Oh, the horror!! Kill me now!"

When trying to refresh I lost count the amount of times I accidentally hit the address bar and the keyboard would pop up, so annoying and needlessly cumbersome. Happy to see the changes Google have introduced, and like previously mentioned I'd like to see pull to refresh too.

Posted via Android Central App

Will chrome ever allow for a homepage? Will chrome allow you to close all pages automatically when closing chrome? Those two features are so basic, yet still missing.

Posted via Android Central App

I am glad that they fixed a bug where on some phones it would not magnify on ambiguous tap. I do not like the new tab page, filled with useless links and google prompt. Before, a new tab opened to my bookmarks which is what I still want.

Seriously missing the reload n stop buttons on the address bar.. But awesome design..

Posted via Android Central App

Love the look--and definitely the most stable and fluid of all Android browsers (best rendering, too)--but the tabs system, Google. Please, give us the choice of tabs on top.