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Google's Chrome for Android browser, much loved by those with an Android 4.0 and above device, has finally been updated to be fully compatible with x86 devices. This is a big deal, as one of the snags when it came to Android devices running Intel chips (OK, there aren't that many yet) was incompatibility of apps -- even popular ones like Chrome. What this shows us is that Google is devoted to updating its own apps to work on the Intel platform, and hopefully now other app developers will follow suit with their own updates.

We've had a look at a few Intel devices at this point, most recently the Motorola RAZR i, and hopefully with application support like this we'll see more in the future.

Source: Google Chrome Releases


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Chrome for Android now fully compatible with x86 devices


I'm just wondering if android apps are written in java then they're compiled into byte code so they don't need to be changed since the java virtual machine will run it on the host platform. So why developers need to change their apps in order to run on Intel chips?

So what exactly are the benefits of an intel processor in your phone? It doesn't seem to be any faster. Battery life isn't better. Apps aren't compatible. Why should I be interested in it?

Yes, but when will the mobile version of Android Central be compatible with Chrome? Thats the burning question. (Actually, I think they fixed the ad banner thing, but I felt like being snarky)