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Pre-orders going well for Nokia's first attempt at Android

The Nokia X isn't for many of us in these parts, but it certainly is for plenty of folks in China. The most populated country on Earth has taken a shine to Nokia's own take on an Android powered smartphone with Nokia announcing 1 million pre-orders for it already.

There are arguments for and against the Nokia X, but it's here, it's got Android on it and it looks like it's at least going to sell pretty well in one part of the world. And all those folks who do pick one up will be delighted to know that the Android Central app works just fine!

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China loves Nokia X, 1 million pre-orders and counting


To quote the Emperor: Goood. Gooood.

Sure, 1 million in China isn't much...but if you think that Nokia sold 8 million Lumias worldwide in a year...1 million Nokia X devices just on pre-orders in China only is a good omen.
I really hope they sell millions of these devices worldwide. It will be good to slap the numbers on Eflop's face and in the faces of those Nokia shareholders who thought Nokia shouldn't go Android and should sell the D&S division to Microsoft instead...
It will leave them with that terrible feeling of guilt given by the "what if we had gone full Android sooner?" thought.

Nokia hardware is normally great. That and android running on it could be a big win. Just need a high spec one for the rest of the world.

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Nokia is not owned nor will it ever be owned by Microsoft.
Nokia is selling Microsoft the devices and services employees. Nothing else.

The only thing separating Nokia from a high-end Android device is time. Come 2016, Nokia can return to producing its own phones and can release a high end Android. Or Ubuntu. Or Jolla. Or whatever they darn well please ;)

Perhaps you should read the deal itself instead of websites?
Microsoft is buying Nokia's devices and services division. It's not the same as buying Nokia.

Nokia is composed by D&S (the employees that do the phones), HERE (the mapping services), NSN (telecom solutions) and Advanced Technologies (R&D division, patents etc).

What Microsoft is buying is the D&S. Which means, they're buying the employees from Nokia that produced the phones to go produce the phones for them. NOthing else. Nokia remains, otherwise, intact.
Nokia keeps the brand, the patents, everything. They'll be licensing their stuff and until 2016 they can't use any of that to produce or have produced their own phones. However, come 2016, Nokia can buy a new D&S division and return to phones.

Is it one of the most relevant part from Nokia they're buying? Yes. But it's a division that can also be reassembled ;)

So basically what you are saying is, Microsoft bought Nokias hardware and phone division but not the entire business. Ok. What exactly is the difference in the consumers eyes? The products are still released under nokias name which means if microsoft does the wrong thing with these products Nokias brand is damaged, and less people will buy the product. So I think its safe to say that Microsoft bought Nokia, as all the articles on the internet have stated, unless you can provide some sort of link or picture of the contract as some sort of proof?

Microsoft can't use Nokia's name, they will be allowed to use the Lumia branding but not Nokia, so they will be Microsoft Lumia Phones

And you come after me to spill your useless comments? You must really love me...I have bad news for you though...;)

Yeah I know. But if Microsoft stop to think for a minute then there could make big with it. Not just cut of there own nose.....

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One million rooted Nokia X devices with modified Google framework and complete access to the PlayStore.

I like it.

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They're just getting phones with 'new' Resistive touch screens and a 2.5G rollout due to be completed by 2020. :P

I just wonder if they will love it or hate it. If they hate it, I hope they switch to a better Android phone.

Idk if Nokia would have been a big player in android or not, but god if this isn't a damning testament to the power of android I don't know what is. Too bad Microsoft got their clutches on them before we could find out.

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This is less of a testament to the power of Android, but more of a testament to the power of Nokia brand.

Were Nokia phones not released in China before? If they were, then why would the 1 million preorder have anythiing to do with Nokias brand, unless they were already selling so well there? If they werent in sale in China then I think it would have everything to do with Nokia brand because Android is so heavily skinned

Cool. I'm hoping this phone is a success. There seems to be a lot of naysayers stateside, but I'm hoping this drives competition and innovation for inexpensive smartphones.