Fightin Words

Sure, the long awaited Scrabble and Words with Friends games have long been available on Android, but that doesn't mean that other Scrabble clones don't exist, or offer functionality that they don't. Say you have a friend who is on a BlackBerry device, and you want to play with them, unfortunately you can't since there is no app on BB, but the folks at Interworks Inc decided that didn't work for them. Fightin' Words is a great Scrabble style game that allows you to play verse other friends on Android or BlackBerry devices, and even better is that it is a free download from the market. So, head into the market and grab your own copy today, or hit the break for download links.

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ddot196 says:

Another great scrabble knock off is Word Feud. Works perfect in every way.

bladerunn3r says:

This app is useless to me. I wouldn't be friends with someone who still owns a blackberry. :P

betafan7 says:


Xbbfan73 says:

Yeah good alternative but many missing features. Can't remove finished games or set forfeit time. Needs work.

folarino says:

Game dictionary didn't recognize "din". Uninstalling.

obidos says:

thank you for the heads up on this! now I can play this with my daughter.