Can't say we didn't see this coming. Maybe because as soon as the HTC ChaCha was announced the fist thought that came to our collective mind was ChaCha, the questions and answers search engine. As it turns out, ChaCha Inc. is now going after HTC and their Facebook toting phone asking for financial damages and a permanent injunction to prevent HTC from selling the device under the ChaCha name.

To their credit, ChaCha is a registered trademark and they do offer search results via SMS so the relationship between a phone and their organization could be misconstrued. Suing to have the name changed may be in their favor on this one. Damages, I'm so sure about -- if anything the name likely got ChaCha Inc. some exposure rather then doing any financial harm. [Justia via PhoneScoop]


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ChaCha suing HTC for trademark infringement


"Damages, I'm not so sure about -- if anything the name likely got ChaCha Inc. some exposure rather then doing any financial harm."

This is the most I've ever heard of ChaCha so HTC has actually helped ChaCha advertise for free.

I have to agree with the previous comments. I had never heard of ChaCha Inc. before they decided to sue. And of even more importance, I don't think anyone, even the most stupid among us, would confuse the HTC ChaCha smartphone with some obscure website.

It's an awful looking phone anyways!. well with that stupid fbook button. At least that's my take on it. And yes, no one really knew who or what Cha Cha Inc. was before all this. Double exposer if you ask me. the phone plus the lawsuit... nice!

Before smartphones my kids would use this. But with a smart phone with google it just makes cha cha a novelty and obsolete. All you get is someone who is using google anyways.

I've heard of and have used ChaCha. The other day I was half listening to a podcast and heard "ChaCha phone" and wondered why ChaCha was coming out with a phone. I think they have a case.

I can't imagine anyone other than pre-teen girls buying a phone called "ChaCha" to begin with. lol

I'm surprised they were given the trademark. Oh well, all HTC has to do is prove they didn't know about the search engine before hand and named it after the dance and they will win.