Android on Cellular South

You gotta hand it to Cellular South. While major carriers (cough, AT&T) pass on the best devices Android has to offer, the best-kept secret in the Deep South promises "a whole new lineup of Android smartphones" including "one very special phone -- a true game-changer." We'll have to wait for the curtain to come off before we find out if that's the HTC Desire, which already has been confirmed for Cellular South, or whether it has another trick up its sleeve. [Cellular South] Thanks, Jeff, for the tip.

Update: Android and Me notes that the bottom bezel looks a heckuva lot like the Motorola Droid, which is a pretty good guess.

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fupamobile says:

thats what they all say. a true game changer would be a phone that is 3 years ahead of its time like the iphone was three years ago....

jerbear says:

Right...three years ahead of all those other phones that already had GPS, 3G, video, copy and paste, MMS, multitasking...etc. iPhone had two things going for it when it came out...a better screen and better browser. Later they added a shopping cart. Sorry but like most devices out today, the iPhone had its strengths and shortcomings. Still does.

ecobranon says:

I am quite sure it was US Cellular that confirmed Desire.

Roy Aguilera says:

"a whole nwe lineup of Android smartphones" They need to step their spell check game up first.

Sorry. That was me. Thanks for pointing it out.

samatbek says:

I also think its a Desire. Maybe redesigned a little.

arussell13 says:


GigabitDrew says:

Oh please, please, please be the HTC Evo... CellularSouth has been working on their LTE network... and have recently purchased Alabama based Corr Wireless Communications... more here:

Soooo... Please let it be the HTC Evo 4G!

1414H77 says:

The EVO does not run on LTE- it runs on WIMAX, a totally different technology. But, there's always hope of an EVO LTE I guess...

GigabitDrew says:

WiMax and LTE are different technologies, but I figure with reports like this I was being hopeful:’s+answer+to+iPhone+4G%3F

But don't be a hater... i'm just saying, Cellular South looks to be moving to LTE... and the HTC Evo looks awesome! What a great "Game Changer".

arussell13 says:

ewwww. burnsauce.

GigabitDrew says:

burnsauce Drew? Really?

1414H77 says:

Drumroll.... it's the Palm Pixi...with plans for the Pixi Plus in June 2011!

BKHD2477#AC says:

I think its the Motorola Droid or Milestone, if you look close at the bottom of the phone you'll see the mic that looks just like the mic on the Droid.

droidman88 says:

good eye BKHD, I think so too! which means it will have access to almost all of verizon towers!

I'm ticked off because I just switched to cellular south less than a week ago. Wonder how much begging I'll have to do to get them to let me exchange for the cellular south incredible?

efox says:

Unless you can excange it within 30 days you will have to pay the early termination fee. Then you can get the new one at the advertised price. I've done it several times.

rscarpenter says:

that's the HTC Desire, which already has been confirmed for Cellular South - US Cellular is not Cellular South. Different companies.

Never know about CellSouth, they are saying six new Android phones before the end of 2010, we will see I guess