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Google just gained a royal supporter as the Prince of Wales was recently seen donning a pair of Google Glass on his tour of Canada. Prince Charles tried out Google's wearable eyewear when he visited the tech hub known as Innovation Alley.

Along with the Glass hardware, Charles also got to try out an app called VisualSpection that helps energy workers inspect and report problems in the field.

Prince Charles tries on Google Glass during a visit to Canada's tech hub

According to UK's Daily Mail, Charles may be the first royal to use or test Google Glass. It's still unclear what the royal thinks of Google Glass or what his opinions are on wearable technology.

Source: Daily Mail

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fuzzylumpkin says:

Well if I ever thought glass was cool, there that goes...

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Lmao. This is poppycock!

**Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!**

lakerkev says:

Hmmmm.... I don't recall the Germans bombing pearl harbor. I believe it was the japanese, they were allied with Germany but....

thNoz says:

You should add "it's from Animal House, dummy" to your signature.

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minnow4 says:


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RaiderWill says:

There has to be a new blade of grass growing somewhere instead of this.

Synycalwon says:

LOL, he looks dazed and confused. Oh wait, that's normal. Carry on then chaps. ;D

fuzzylumpkin says:

When you're the future king of England, you can afford exceptionally good quality marijuana!

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BB_Bmore says:


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gillsfankev says:

Future king of the United Kingdom.

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fuzzylumpkin says:

You're assuming the UK will still be a thing by the time Lizzy pops off, captain semantics! but no, it's actually king/queen of the entire commonwealth realms, not just the UK. :p

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Sunofabob says:


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waz ahmer says:

He killed diana

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K White1 says:

Wake me when hunky Prince Harry tries Glass.

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BB_Bmore says:

He looks confused... Or extremely interested.

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Zig261 says:

And i'm sure he took them off 5 seconds later.

Quasar says:

I'd say he looks rather dashing with Google Glass. Wouldn't you? :p

vividrich says:

That looks.... bizarre...

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Ok Glass, what is the Queen of England's real name because I forgot myself haha

minipot says:

More like:
Prince Charles: Ok, Glass; How do I get away with killing a monarch?
Glass: I have found 3 assassins in your area.

gillsfankev says:

It's the United Kingdom!!!! For crying out loud.
If you're going to take the piss at least get it right!

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fuzzylumpkin says:

It's the commonwealth realms!!! If you're going to correct people at least get it right! ;p

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