Casio G'zOne multitouch

Uh oh. Anybody recognize that image? That's one of those multitouch tests, and we're running it on the Casio G'zOne Commando. Now, it's it rugged device, and as with anything rugged, you'd expect a lack of subtlety. And that's exactly what we're seeing with the Commando.

Not to spoil the video that's after the break, but there's an issue with the whole X-Y axis thing. And if you're expecting to use more than two multitouch input points, well, it ain't happening. Small things, maybe, but issues we thought we'd put behind us.

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Casio G'zOne Commano's touchscreen rekindles a funny, broken feeling


I was close to picking up this phone last week, but decided on a crazy deal for a $25 Droid X on a 2-year contract. Yes, I know it is almost a year old ... but how can you pass up getting the X, home dock, car mount, otterbox case, otterbox for bike mount and running case for under $100! The Gz'One costs $200 on its own! Casio should have made this phone $149 and it would have sold a lot.

The rugged phone appeals to me, but this one from a manufacturer that has (no?) other android phones makes my shy away.

I want to be able to do what I want on my phone so I will need to root at minimum. My bet is that there aren't many devs for this phone.
Plus verizon is the worst IMO.

Would rather get a 6month old DEFY and roll with Tmo. I know that thing has been rooted and rom'd up since the beginning.

There were rumors a few months back that MOTO would release more along the line of the defy this summer. Wonder if that all went away or they have managed to keep quiet about it for a while.

On an unrelated note, I just tried out that test on my Captivate and found out it recognizes 5 touches. Gratz to Samsung for getting it right.