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We're big fans of Hailo, the service that lets you hail and pay for a cab using your Android device. It helps make commuting through London less of a struggle, and we like that. Almost a year on from its first inception in the UK, Hailo has since branched out to Dublin and to Toronto. But, from today, the service finally arrives on U.S. shores beginning with Boston. 

While Chicago and New York City are both currently under active development, it's Boston that gets the nod as the first to experience the service. By partnering with licensed taxi drivers, Hailo offers not only an easy way to flag down a cab, but also offers a guarentee of safety to its users. 

The app itself is free to download, and if you're in Boston and decide to try this out, hit us up in the comments with your experience. 

Source: Hailo via TNW


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Cab hailing service Hailo launches in the U.S, with its arrival in Boston


I'm in Boston. Ill try it out. Cab drivers here already hate credit cards. Im sure they will love this

@Richard Devine
I just heard an advertisement on the radio in Brooklyn NY for this software for cabbies.

If you're interested in knowing when it lands in NYC, be sure to head over to their website and sign up for more info. It's definitely coming to NYC and Chicago, they just haven't said when :)

Interesting to note that this is the same week Uber CANCELLED their NYC yellow cab service due to lack of cabbie participation.

In Boston - will give it a try. Yes, I wonder if somehow their fees to the cab drivers are lower than normal credit card fees paid by drivers. As @fage88 said, cab drivers tend to hate CC usage as the fees really kill them.

It is possible that because Hailo has better security, the CC companies might give them a much better deal. I suspect lost or stolen card usage in cabs is relatively high.