C Spire

Regional carrier C Spire (formerly Cellular South) today announced a $60 million rollout of LTE services in September, to cover 20 markets in Mississippi. The locations are:

  • Jackson metropolitan area
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • In South Mississippi: the cities of Brookhaven, Columbia, Natchez, Petal, Hattiesburg, McComb and Lucedale;
  • In North Mississippi: the cities of Oxford, Tupelo, Corinth, New Albany, Pontotoc, Booneville, Starkville, Columbus and West Point;
  • In the Mississippi Delta, the cities of Yazoo City, Cleveland, Greenville, Greenwood and Clarksdale
  • In East Mississippi: the city of Meridian and parts of Lauderdale County

A relatively small area, to be sure, but it should be fairly fast. C Spire is promising average data speeds between 4 and 12 Mbps downstream, and between 1 and 5 Mbps upstream.

No new LTE devices were announced.

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Reader comments

C Spire announces its first LTE markets in Mississippi


My hometown made the front page of AC!! Never thought I'd see that...Cleveland, MS ftw! Glad to see these markets getting upgrades although I don't live there anymore.

OT, I know, but you're from Cleveland? I grew up in Glen Allan, in south Washington County. Not sure how long it's been since you've been back to the Delta, but I'm afraid it has fallen on very hard times. Greenville looks absolutely awful these days.

Still, it's nice to see these areas get LTE. I wonder how far it will reach out into the countryside.

Oh hey man! Well, I moved from Cleveland in '01 after graduating from DSU. Hate to say it but Greenville looked awful even in the 90s. Sure good to go back every once in awhile to visit old friends. The Delta DOES have a unique character to it that I miss.

I wonder which phones will take advantage of the LTE speeds. It'll be kinda silly to have LTE in an area with no way to take advantage of it.