Gingerbread unlocked

The folks at C Skills have done their magic again, this time with Gingerbread (and possibly Honeycomb) and have released GingerBreak.  If you don't keep up with this sort of thing, the C Skills team are the people who brought us the rageagainstthecage exploit.  Besides having a run-on sentence for a name, this is the trick that can root any device running Froyo.  Since it isn't going to work on Gingerbread, the fellas have jumped ahead of the game and found one that will, and are pretty confident that it will crack Honeycomb and Froyo, too. 

Now all we need is devices that aren't OEM unlockable to ship with Gingerbread so we can test it. 

Source: C Skills. Thanks, KSmithInNY!



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C Skills team discovers Gingerbread root exploit


Meaning what, that if it had worked on a device like Droid X, Moto's updates would have patched the vulnerability?


so good. i really liked the rageagainstthecage method on my hero

now i really, really cant wait to get an official 2.3 on my evo!

You should try the Fresh 4.0 ROM for the EVO. It's an optimized verson of the official HTC GB ROM that got leaked a little while back. I've been running it for a while now and it works great. I haven't noticed any problems with it yet too. Also, the battery life is great! It's still currently in beta, but the developer releases frequent updates, and like I said I didn't really notice any problems anyway. Go to the developer's site to check it out and if you want to give it a try. Just make sure you make a 'Nandroid' backup first. His website is:

flipz does good work.

i flashed the leaked sprint gb build the night it was released and it does work well. i thought it was fast, responsive. my only hangup is that i like to run an official stock rom, then root that, delete the bloat, etc. ill flash 4.0 later though...thank you nandroid.

unfortunately, i think that we may not see an official gb release for the evo until the 3d is released which bums me out. i hate waiting.

Works on Optimus S (SW = LS670ZVD Android 2.2.2) and also on Optimus C. Both of which were previously un-rootable software versions with psneuter and RATC patched.