Browse all of your online pictures with Pictarine for Android


A new photo app called Pictarine was launched today, tying into multiple photography sites and offering a single a dashboard to flip through them. 11 networks are currently supported, including the biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, as well as some smaller ones like 500px, Photobucket, and Shutterfly. It can even tap into your Google account, Tumblr blog, or Dropbox for pictures. Depending on the networks you plug into, you can also see what your friends are sharing and leave comments or likes without leaving the app. Here's a quick feature run-down. 

  • Connect Pictarine up to 11 social networks, streamlining photos and activities like commenting, liking and sharing.
  • Rediscover your memories through our selection of the photos that matter most to you. You will be surprised!
  • Get photos from all of your services in your pocket, so they are always one touch away.
  • Bookmark your favorite photos in playlists
  • Works with Android versions 2.2 and above

It seems like this is a great little app for those that don't want to get too invested in any single network. Where do you tend to share most of your mobile pictures? Are they scattered in a million different places, or do they tend to all get dumped in the same spot?

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Reader comments

Browse all of your online pictures with Pictarine for Android


What a great idea! I'm going to go and get this app and give it all my passwords for all my social networks! At least one of which is probably my password for my bank!

Pictarine never sees your Facebook, Google, Flickr, Instagram... password and you don't even have to use a password to connect to Pictarine Android app (or web site) because you can use your Google or Facebook account to identify yourself.
At any time, you can go to Pictarine web site to delete your account or to Facebook, Google, Flickr...web sites to revoke the app authorization.

Fair enough that you're an idiot, you can't help that. But please keep your idiotic tendencies to youself next time.

The HTC Sense Gallery app has already let me do this for a while now. But I am glad this free app is out for all my non-HTC friends.