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New 15GB shared storage replaces old 10GB for Gmail and 5GB for photos on Google+ and 5GB for Drive

The Google goodies are already coming our way, before we even get to Google I/O. Announced today, no longer will your Gmail storage sit at 10GB for free, or 5GB on Google+ photos and Google Drive. Google has introduced a new, 15GB free allowance which covers all three products. 

This is great news in particular for anyone who uses little of their allowance on Gmail -- like myself -- but is much heavier on photos and Drive usage. As the storage is shared across all three services, you get to use as much of it as you like, wherever you like. 

In addition to changing how your storage works, Google is also changing how the Google Drive storage page helps you understand how you're using your storage allowance. Hovering over the pie chart will show you a breakdown of how much you're using across each of the three services. And, because of the changes, heavy Gmail users are no longer limited to a 25GB upgrade only. Any Google Drive storage you buy will become available there too. 

Source: Google Drive Blog

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still1 says:

Finally, I can use my 9GB on my drive. 1Gb email is all i need atm

deltatux says:

Does this mean there will no longer be free space increases to GMail?

I think you mean docs, but I don't see why not.

ScottJ says:

Nah. He means Gmail. There was a counter at the bottom of the screen that would increment as they slowly added free storage over time.

scoobdude says:

Do videos shaker than 15 minutes and pics smaller than 2048x2048 still remain free?

still1 says:

Yes, i believe so

Gaurav says:

That's what I would like to know as well for confirmation. Are unlimited photo uploads at 2MP still supported? It would not make sense if they stopped supporting this since Facebook still supports unlimited photo uploads...

scoobdude says:

Oh and what those of us with a chrome book that got another 100gb for 2 years. Details. Where are the details....


ricktat says:

Will they create an Android back-up?

NCSUgolfer01 says:

What phone is that in the picture?

MunMaRu says:

Maybe Padfone 2

NCSUgolfer01 says:

Ah, that looks to be correct

Indeed it is

justinangil says:

Google gonna unify dat acc

Taz89 says:

When does this go into effect? My drive app still says 5gb

zero3187 says:

I love this idea. I barely use any of my Gmail space anyways. I don't think I ever have more than 100MB of mail at one time.

erda0 says:


zhecht says:

How does this affect Google Apps for your Domain users?

budwizer says:

Now if Google would only get their act together and let me use additional storage to increase the 20,000 song cap they have on Play Music. I'm still using Amazon's cloud service for music since I can upload my entire collection.

15israellai says:

Wow, 20k is unlimited to me.

TheDu9du says:

He needs to get rid of some songs. Clearly. I mean come on, who listens to Spice Girls nowadays

I only have about 17k tracks in my collection which I uploaded the other day (at 110Gb in size! :D ) and that's 56 days of solid listening!! I think 22K tracks is enough for most!!

Same Q. as others... When is it happening? Right now it is vaporware!

TheDu9du says:

Great next thing they'll find out I can use my Gmail for storage and they'll limit my Gmail space by sharing it with my Drive space

orb2k says:

I guess I'll have to open an extra gmail account.