Breach and Clear was a hidden gem at PAX East 2013. This upcoming indie tactical combat game for Android and iOS promises deep strategic gameplay and high customizability in a free to play format. Players guide an elite police force through tense scenarios where even the slightest wrong move can have deadly consequences. The early build we played at PAX ran really well, considering how early in development it is. Some of the guys working at Gun Media on this title have done some fine AAA games, including Call of Duty, which bodes well for the final product. 

Players pick squads and weapons based on those you would see in real world police and military forces. Each mission has a player go through every action for each team member on a turn-by-turn basis. Once you know who is moving where, who has what line of sight, and so on, you end your turn and see what unfolds as the opponent's turn takes place simultaneously. If you've ever play X-Com on PC or Hunters 2, you'll know the drill.

As you take the squad on missions, they earn experience, acquire new skills, and unlock new weapons. The really great thing about Breach and Clear is that the whole thing is free to play, subsisting on ads and in - app purchases for new squads. The guys at Gun swore that you could get by perfectly well without paying a thing, but I guess we'll see for sure when it launches sometime in the next couple of months. 


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Breach and Clear to bring tactical SWAT-style action to Android


Mistake in the last sentence "...when it lunches sometime in the next couple of months."

Looking forward to checking this out!

This game looks awesome. I live the idea. I've been trained to do a lot of this stuff in the Army and am excited to see how detailed it is. I can't wait!

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Also, what is the best turn based game out there for the Android device? im talking about MAX and X-Com type games.

This is like an old Rainbow Six game on PC which I loved so much. The same point is we do set rally points to each squad team to take down enemies or rescue hostages. The difference is at Rainbow Six we do all rally points from beginning to end before the phase start. But we can make stop point, which we can do timing when squad start to move/breach/ attack, but we can't edit/change the rally points while phase already start. So failure ratio is high because we don't know where are the enemies at first time we breach inside the room. This game fix this problem by make phase pause, so we can think new strategy for next rally point of each squad team. I surely play this game! This look awesome, hope it really meet my expectation.

Really kicking my self in the ass right now. I have been working on this type of game for about four months for Android. Back to the drawing board.