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Putting the HTC/Dropbox collaboration in the shade, have formed a partnership with LG which offers users of LG mobile devices an astonishing 50GB of free storage. Best of all, it isn't limited to new devices. 

As you can see from the image, my trusty Optimus 2X qualified for the offer. To take advantage, head over to the Market and download the application for Android 2.1 and above (download links below) and register for a new account within the app. Then hey presto, 50GB of storage completely free.

In addition, the app itself received an update today with a couple of interesting additions. It now allows files to be downloaded from your cloud storage to your device, multi-file uploading and auto updating of files edited locally within apps such as Quickoffice. 

For anyone not familiar with Box, it is a little different to Dropbox in its execution which partly comes from its more business focussed nature. Desktop sync is not available in free accounts, that sets you back $15 a month. The web access is fine though, and for a free 50GB storage locker, it's worth signing up just for the hell of it. The offer is extended through until March 21st 2012 so remember this if you're going out to purchase a Nitro HD or anything else LG may have on the horizon. 


Reader comments now offering 50GB free storage to LG users


As an LG Revolution user, this seems handy. I downloaded it and signed up, upload is fast, and the web interface seems to be nice. According to their chart, it is a 19.99 value. The one thing, is the service has a 1GB per file limit, so you will not be storing movies for watching on this service, unless you upgrade past personal.

So far so good... thanks for the heads up Richard...

Is the upload cap 1GB, or 100mb? I signed up for this deal when I bought my Touchpad and I'm pretty sure the upload cap is at 100mb. If it were 1GB, the service would be a whole lot more useful. As it is, I'd rather use my Dropbox account for the free desktop sync.

You are correct, I just tried to upload a file bigger than 100MB and it will not upload... Says I need to upgrade. So we are getting 50GB of free storage, but limited to 100MB files or less...

The only way I found to use box at this point (and sure its worth it), is to auto sync/upload my photos and videos from my android device. I was doing this with dropbox (free account with storage bumps) and it has freed up a few gig from my DB storage. It's nice to be able to access my pictures without fumbling around with my device. I got in on the 50Gb when they did the iPad thing...wonder if I can install the app on my wife's Optimus V and sign in for another 50? or is just for NEW registrations?

FYI, I was able to get the 50GB offer with my LG Optimus V.
I just downloaded the app and sign in.
I had an account previously so it's NOT for new registrations only.