Bluebox scares me

Somewhere, someone is going to make this a thing. Only, it's not really a thing. So let's just get out in front of it here.

Bluebox — the group behind this "Master Key" scare — has an app that will tell you if the exploit is on your phone, or if it's been patched. Cool. But remember:

  1. We're really not all worried about this. Here's the long version of why we're not worried about it.
  2. It's an exploit that needs to be fixed, and it's being fixed.
  3. Google took care of things on the server side, in Google Play.
  4. Google is patching things in the code side and working with the manufacturers to get it pushed out.

What we don't like to see is all of those scary "Unable to scan app xxxxxx, it may be trying to evade the scanner" lines. As if the apps themselves — apps we've been using for years — are to blame. That's bullshit.

And a word of advice, folks: If you're going to try Bluebox's little scanner app here, make sure you download it directly from Google Play, so you know it's safe. It'd be bad if someone used the "Master Key" exploit to circulate a malware-laden version of the scanner app without breaking the signature.

Us? We're uninstalling this thing ASAP.

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Bluebox Security Scanner attempts to scare the living shit out of you



Is it really necessary to use that kind of language in the title?

My entire family reads this excellent website.

Would it be possible for you to change the title of this story to something more civil?

Thanks for your help! ;)

I curse a lot. A lot, a lot. Still the OP has a point. Shit is a curse word and probably doesn't need to be in the title or even the article itself. The cursing should be left to us low brow com mentors.

Shit.... I totally hear you.

Truthfully I enjoy the title, speaks to me in a way that is natural. Doesn't try to downplay how the author actually feels.

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Shows that are on after 9 PM use bullshit and asshole now. I don't see the big woop. Many people swear to express their point in a more serious tone. This guy probably bans books and or burns them too for being too racey. People like you is why america is turning into a Kindergarten State.

Teach your Family the right and wrongs of speech so you won't be ignorant to why people use certain words to express themselves instead of making ignorant censorship comments.

If they are reading a tech news site & surfing the web they must be older kids and have seen and heard worse. Maybe even said it themselves

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Kiersten is very correct.

Personally I think AC has a level of professionalism that is above the use of profanity, especially in the title - where, and Phil buddy I know you can appreciate this, kids will see this language. Yes, I know kids that read the mobile nations sites. I know this because I recommended the MN sites because of how great, and clean they are.

I will point out that from the articles I've tag by Phil and listening to the AC podcast this is very out of character. Seems this scanner app has him very upset.

Just my friendly thoughts. Keep up the great wor.

Leave Phil alone. If you are surprised at the language, then you obviously aren't an Android Central regular.

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Android Central is a G-rated, family web site? News to me.

Gosh diddly darn it, Phil, please copy edit the site accordingly, you ribald blackguard you.

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Agreed... I feel as if I am living "idiocracy" where people have no other way of expressing themselves. My kids read this as well I have a child 6 that loves technology. I assumed this would be safe to read tech from a reputable company however I am learning very quickly, that is not what you guys are... just some kids with some toys... not real journalist...

Most of the foulest words I heard as a kid were learned at recess at school. If you think your kids are even remotely sheltered from "bad words" at any given time, I'd say you're kidding yourself (except in those situations where kids are so sheltered it becomes unhealthy).

When I was a kid (and we're talking just back in the 90s), nothing was censored. Not even my parents. We just knew if we used those words in front of them... Mmm, I shudder to think. Never happened.

It could still be contaminated. Best to throw it into a fire and buy a new factory-sealed one.

oh how times have changed. i remember the days not too long ago in the AC forums where the then holier-than-thou self-righteous pious bible-thumping moderators would ban you for using such naughty words!

Yeah... all kinds of *cough* bullshit *cough*. I look at it this way... When companies like Bluebox try to sell a load of shit, that's how you should describe their product: "SHIT"

1. This is not the forums.

2. I don't think any of the moderators are religious in any way.

3. You don't get banned for saying naughty words. You only get banned for repeatedly breaking the rules you agreed to follow when you signed up.

Jerry,this is why of all on staff here at AC(no offense to anyone else i like you all) That you are my favorite on staff. Because you are amazingly upfront with the forum members.And not afraid to (sorry for using this term) tell them off. Thanks and keep being awesome!

(again,no offense intended to anyone here be it on staff or not.)

I don't know about all that. lol

You guys deserve direct and clear answers when you have any issues or problems with anything around here. Often times, I sound "grumpy" because talking via typing is hard to understand sometimes. I really only want to give the facts without any extra clutter thrown in. 

Most of the time, anyway :)

Don't have to be a bible thumper to appreciate when people refrain from using expletives. There's certainly more creative ways to express oneself. More mature ways as well.
That's not to say I don't drop an f-bomb here and there, but the current trend towards making it more socially acceptable is rather disturbing. We should all show each other more respect than that.

My guess is that Play is patched, so anything downloaded through the Play app is fine. Sideloading is vulnerable because the signature check is part of the OS.

Too many applications are avoiding scan what does that mean? Is this a flaw in your application or the applications being scanned? This doesn't tell me if their bad or not. Which ultimately leaves me apprehensive on what to do. Do you think this offers me any sense of security? I think not!

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Interesting that the only apps it was unable to scan on my N4 came from the play store. Incredibly accurately named article!

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A-ha, the other shoe drops! I wondered if or when Bluebox[1] would try to capitalize on the flaw. Sounds like a full-speed, hard stop FACE PLANT that their "detection app" is so hysterical. Crapware, indeed.

[1] Google it if you're younger than 50 and dont know the reference. Back in the 70s ESQUIRE published a superb article about blue box hackers. Jobs and Woz were blueboxers IIRC.

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Btw if you're offended by language, industrial strength sarcasm, and pejorative POV, DO NOT read THE REGISTER. So what if you miss out on great writing, "they're only words." :-\

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

The attitude many of you have is pretty sad. The lady expressed concern for children reading that language and you berate her like that?
I cuss like a sailor, but don't use that language around children, or online. The fact that the "professionals" here promote and condone it is sadder yet. Do you guys allow that language around YOUR children (Phil, Jerry, or whomever has that darling family)?
Way to promote the moral decay of children people.

Moral decay in children. Really? From one articles commebts we are promoting moral decay? Someone needs reality check. Words are words. If your children don't know terms like scare the shit out of you then they either need not be allowed to read this site, need to be educated on what the real world is our You need to shove them back in your closet and hope that they do what you say and not what you do. Morals in children come from their parents and teachers (all teachers meaning church, school, grandparents and siblings). Let's not pretend that reading some words on the Internet is suddenly going to send your sheltered children down some dark path where the morals you have ingrained in them is suddenly disappear. End rant.
As for morals start with wrong and right for your kids. Too many don't know the difference.

Oh man..... that was funny. Generally agreed with your comment but could hardly read it. Even skipped a line or two. I felt like your last post was directly posted for me. I laughed so hard their are tiers in my eyes! Thank you sir.

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I am an adult and would prefer not to see profanity on the site also. Is isn't that I can't handle it, nor is it that my children might read the site. It is simply that it knocks the sites professional credibility when they are unable to communicate ideas without using expressions known to be generally offensive.

Obviously, a portion of the readership has expressed a concern over it and it is something that can be easily avoided in the future.

I agree with Kiersten too, a poster trying to be rude posted "think of the children". This is infact true, others complain they are adults, well the adults should be setting the example and monitoring everything a child does. It does not matter what year this is, that is a very lame excuse for a foul mouth. Were you brought up in a bar or prison? Allowed to view violence on TV? You all just say the first of 4 blood moons, try reading the book of Revelation and most of all, think about the Lord. He's coming, are you ready?