With the Google+ user base growing daily, we suppose it had to happen eventually. Yes, BlackBerry users now have themselves a Google+ app to make use of. It's not an official app mind you, it's one that was created by a company called Smarter Apps but it does indeed work for Google+ access.

Some features are still missing, most notably hangouts and messenger but the basics are there. Needless to say, the Android version is still better no matter how you swing it. Check out the video above to see the BlackBerry and Android version go head-to-head and don't forget to follow Android Central on Google+.

Source: CrackBerry

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Lanhoj says:

So as usual, it's a dumbed down version of the App on other devices.

Still nice to have it supported on Blackberry though.

andyl620 says:

Hopefully this means we'll eventually get a workable, native, non-rooted Google+ app for Kindle Fire, then, if third-parties have figured out how to get it to work (finally).

Robpol86 says:

Smarter Apps... I could swear that I've heard of them before. Oh yes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3N93ULDwhY

tabatt13 says:

Why bother? Didn't Google drop support for the Gmail app? Everyone is dropping Blackberry, this is a waste of a Google employee.

Bla1ze says:

Sure, but why would you need a GMail app on a devices that integrates with GMail natively anyway? GMail just dropped an app hardly anyone was using since it's built right in, seems like you forgot how Google works.

tabatt13 says:

Gmail support is built right into iOS and they made an app for that. Google stated they were dropping support of Blackberry OS. I have found out this isn't an official Google app, but an app made by a third party. That make much more sense.

Mes3 says:

iOS needs a Gmail app because it doesn't support push through Gmail natively. BB does. So, no need for the app. Also, does anyone here think Google+ is really gonna replace Facebook? I don't know too many people that are willing to migrate after already doing it once with myspace.

kraski says:

Have you actually used both? For some it will replace Facebook. For others the huge differences between how the two work make it appealing to use both. G+ circles actually function the way you interact with people in real life.

For the most part, those I connect to on Facebook are already friends or have been in the past. No issues that they all potentially see what I post.

On G+, much of those I have in circles are "professional" -- photographers, writers, pastors, techies, etc. My special interests, professional or personal. I can select which groups see a post. I can select circles or even specific people. And that's just like real life. I rarely talk to my department head at church about phone tech stuff unless he asks. And I rarely talk to someone working in a phone store about Bible stuff.

Anyway, being a Blackberry owner, what I really wanted to comment on are the G+ app missing features. Messenger will be coming, but I doubt hangouts will show up for OS7 and lower phones -- no front facing camera.

tabatt13 says:

iOS does support push. It also supports calendar, and contact sync if you set up Gmail as an exchange account. This is how we have it set up on my wife's phone right now.