BlackBerry Passport

We'll just let this image speak for itself, but it's cute how they clunked up the notification area first before taking that screenshot. So, yeah. That's the BlackBerry Passport.

Source: BlackBerry; via CrackBerry


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BlackBerry pimps unreadable spreadsheets as a reason to buy the Passport over Android


I want it. Just cause its different and I like the screen and keyboard I miss blackberry I'm a huge emailer and android and iOS just don't do it for me I'm all about communication and neither platform is doing the job right.

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If the form factor is anything close to their old 5-,6-, or 7xxx series, It should be just fine to hold in one hand. Those devices are pretty wide by today's standards but were perfectly manageable back then..

Every phone right now has the same look all over again and this device is truly different, also it looks classy. I want it so bad.

Different? It looks like someone stuck a keyboard on a LG Vu. This thing is hideous.

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Funny enough I say a cute asian girl (SO Sexy) she had one while I was taking the subway TTC and I loved it and it was pretty clear and cool to be honest.

It DOES have a tactile keyboard. It is also capacitive so you can perform gestures and use the keyboard as a trackpad in certain situations.

And if in a shipwreck, you can use as an emergency raft for up to four people.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Notification area or not. The passport clearly has a better screen for spreadsheets.

However, despite being a BlackBerry fan, I would never buy this monstrosity.

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+1, I was getting ready to post the same comment. They must think people are that stupid.... maybe they are?

Cause I always carry a keyboard with my phone!

And yes, limited data entry and spreadsheet viewing is a Godsend on your phone.

Really? I have a SS I keep track of vacation days. Handy viewing and editing on the phone. I've also got a SS I keep track of my running. Handy to add a run right after.

I wouldn't do other stuff on it but for quick stuff it's fine.

I have. I've not found one that actually tracks equipment well. Like most runners I rotate shoes and replace after 300 or so miles. You would think that most apps would handle that rather critical piece well but sadly they don't.

Heck, in the forums for a few of the popular apps, it's a commonly requested feature and has been "coming soon" for years (looking at you MapMyRun). I mean WTF? The only piece of equipment a runner uses is their shoes and it is the only piece that wears out in a relatively predictable pattern (for most people).

The Nike+ app comes close but it's clunky to see the total mileage on a pair of shoes.

So yeah, if I could find an app that does that I'd ditch the SS.

As an auditor who spends about half of each work day in excel. You really don't want to touch any form of excel/shreadsheets on mobile...

How about when the actual MS Office app for Android tablets comes out? The iPad version is not so bad, and I'm wondering how an actual Excel power-user feels about this version. So far I haven't found a mobile app that makes me 'feel' like I'm handling Office on my PC. And to make things worse, my company relies heavily on features that, apparently, are only available to MS Office, like change tracking.

In my opinion, using excel to get work done requires a full keyboard (for key shortcuts). I heavily rely on many of excel's power features (if functions, v-lookups, data to columns. Just to name a few.) Even if these are included in a mobile app (which they often are not) the touch interface is far too slow to make them useful. It is also suffocating to work in excel on a small screen if you have an in-depth spreadsheet. Hi pixel density helps a little but at the end of the day, you will kill your eyes using excel on something under 13 inches for several hours each day and productivity will be low as well.
This is all simply my opinion, and I admittedly have less than perfect vision (although not aweful by any means) but it will take an input paradigm shift to make mobile useful for more than very simple review when it comes to spreadsheets.

I gotta say, using spreadsheets OTG has helped me on occasions. But those times i mainly just view a single cell data.
If I gotta get real work done I gotta have 21 inches min, a keyboard. And depending on where I'm pulling data from, a second monitor may be required.
BB seems to be such with its business niche mentality, and that's just not how things work.

Lol at an android freak trying to talk bad about another phone. Get over it. I'll take this phone over any of the android phones out.

The hilarious part about your rant is this phone will run Android apps. Don't bite the hand you mooch from

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#so much fail.

You can prefer Blackberry devices without resorting to being a complete fucking loser and talking bad about people. It's a fuckin phone. Chill out brah.

It looks interesting, but im stuck with Google so no chance of converting. I'm surprised Samsung hasn't attempted something like this yet

I'm not. It's huge and ugly. Fitting a device that wide in a pocket is going to be an issue.

Posted via Android Central App

I kept hoping that phone was a joke or a mock up. I guess not. I subscribe to the right tools for the job, and I don't think a smartphone is the right tool for extensive work with spreadsheets. As such, other smartphones can that and whole lot more.

If I were going to buy a device for it's spreadsheet prowess above all else, I'm pretty sure I'd expect that same device to have a number row as well.

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I work for a bank, and Android is not allowed...even as byod. I'll trade in my corporate Z10 for this, and keep my personal Z30 for play.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

That's a shame, your bank should join the 21st century. I work for an airport and they're fine with my Android device and I'm pretty sure our airport takes security a bit more seriously than a bank.

Posted via Android Central App

Banks move slow. We do allow iPhone on BYOD but certain things are disabled such as Siri. We have about 40K employees world wide (Canada, US) and about 9K mobile devices...the majority being corporate owned BlackBerry 10. I don't think Android will be approved for BYOD any time soon. I think WP has a better chance of being approved before Android.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

Just wanted to say that I think this is a beautifully written article. Tons of content, and an unbiased writing style. The title is very accurate as well. After reading the original source document, it's clear BlackBerry is screaming "THIS IS A CONSUMER PHONE!! YOU NEED SPREADSHEET CAPABILITIES!!".

Thumbs up Phil, keep up the great work buddy. :)

why not join those silly lemmings over at Crackberry? They are literally slobbering over this ugly contraption.

I frequent all of the Mobile Nations blogs including CrackBerry, and there are just as many people over there who agree this is hideous. Myself included.

the new CB EIC is droooooooling over the Passoport so that much pretty sums up what the majority of people over there think of this hideous poor excuse for a mobile device.

Actually, I'm more of a fan of the Classic but hey, to each their own. I do find that 1440x1440 display along with the contextual and touch sensitive keyboard intriguing though. :)

Watch out for the floor over on the CrackBerry side... it's slippery.

Well said, from a BlackBerry as well as an Android user.

Posted via AC App from my S4 mini WITH an LED CrackLight ;-)

If I haven't lost my ability to read, he said he'll let the photo do the talking. He didn't have any "bias". Everything he stated was accurate about the notification bar, and the rest was perceived by you through the picture. Nice try though. Don't get so offended when people make fun of BlackBerry. Get mad at BlackBerry for making it so easy.

You don't need to be a psychic to know this phone is going to be a complete FLOP. It's completely hideous and by far the worst looking tech ever. This is going to be a niche phone from a less than niche company on life support.

And the #1 reason it'll be a's made by BlackBerry. That's the only market they have a monopoly on, is the market of poor devices which flopped.

You're more than likely to see big foot or the Loch Ness Monster before you find one of these in the wild unless you live in Indonesia or Nigeria.

Just think of the dolts up at BB hq who will be "given" one of the by those bosses and have the privelege of holding this monster w three hands and being excited @ it.

I'm at a loss of words as to how this device was approved.

Crapberry Hardware VP: Hey we need to think outside the "box" so we will make a phone the shape of a "box!!"

Chen: Brilliant!


1) Blank cells on a small phone are just as legible as they would be on a big phone.

2) The Passport cells are smaller than either the Android or iOS cells. In Blackberry's example, wouldn't that make the the Passport more unreadable than the others.

Companies should be smarter with their comparisons.

Shhh... CrackBerryBabies don't understand that kind of logic. By which I mean the logical kind of logic.

Posted via Android Central App

Lol. I use Google Sheets and I can see A-J on the spreadsheet. I am going to call BS on this picture.

I hope the BlackBerry Passport succeeds because competition will breed innovation, but I am not sold on them zooming in spreadsheets on the iPhone and Android while being zoomed out on the Passport to somehow show that it is superior.

Posted via Android Central App

Haha. No one has tried something like this with a keyboard. Wait till u see what the keyboard can do. It's not for everyone admittedly. But it's also not a one trick poney.

Posted via Android Central App

If ANYONE buys a device solely for it's capabilities in Excel and other spreadsheets, it better be a laptop or desktop. Otherwise you're an Excel Noob and have no idea what you're in for. That's great though that BlackBerry is trying. Maybe next they'll make a device that is centered around filing for bankruptcy.

I agree there are just somethings that phones are just not meant for and Excel is one of them. Are they grasping at straws? without a doubt yes. Outside Excel, I wonder how viewing things like apps and videos are going to look on this odd shaped screen? This has failure written all over it.

This is the criticism of this poorly written post...the BlackBerry blog post about the Passport never once makes mention of Excel. The post was specific around general use cases for a large square aspect ratio combined with a keyboard.

Unfortunately Phil Knickelson is irresponsible and a hack who has nothing of value to add. Perhaps he can write for children because he sure acts like one. Total amateur.

Posted via Android Central App

How are you supposed to hold that thing? It looks unwieldy as hell.

I'm not trying to bash BlackBerry here; I'm just trying to get my head around this form factor. Or maybe getting my hand around it is a better way to put it.

While it doesn't seem to be too useful an addition, I do appreciate weird! I think we've all settled on a single form factor and have lost the weird form factors (mostly from Nokia). Wouldn't mind seeing some more experimental type phones come out again. I thought that was supposed to be one of the strengths of Android.

Well, it can double as a cheese platter for all of those business meetings, too.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

Good luck getting this thing in any pocket. If they wanted to make a device for spreadsheets they should have went a different direction. Trying to compare this thing to Android or ios flagships is ludicrous.

Time will prove BB wrong again. It's just BB trying to play ball with the big boys and looking foolish as usual. If anyone that thinks this device will be even remotely successful There's a nice bridge in Brooklyn up for sale.

Not anymore I am afraid, other are playing catch with BlackBerry on the enterprise side, they are not running after the others in the consumer space anymore. Where have you been ???

Posted via Android Central App

Blackberry is one step close to bankruptcy. Enterprise isn't paying the bills companies have all but left BlackBerry and moved on to other solutions. The question is where have you been? Nevermind i know the answer, in denial.

Posted via Android Central App

I will give him this: he's right about Enterprise customers. Blackberry still has a leg up in that space. But, that advantage is eroding fast, with a lot more companies allowing employees to bring their own devices or even just switching platforms.

Haaaa, I knew you were a reactive type of person. Well last earning reporting was actually much better than what the street anticipated and signs are there that they will break even soon. So, yes,enterprise is making money and no they are not close at all to bankruptcy. Your comments just proved your ignorance on the subject. Point proven. Now on to something else (at least for me).

Posted via Android Central App

People can debate on the ease of spreadsheet manipulation on various devices all they want. If you are actively editing spreadsheets on your mobile, enough where this matters, you should reconsider how you are doing things from a mobility perspective. Mobile phones are not, and will never be, a convenient long term / heavy usage platform for this type of computing. There are way more useable ways of staying mobile and still approaching this. Quick glances at spreadsheets someone else makes.... sure. Creating elaborate graphs / charts / formulas on Excel via my android? Put a bullet in my head lol

Mr. Nickinson,

What have you started? Tisk, Tisk for creating an atmosphere of BlackBerry Bashing.

Anyway, the Passport will run circles around your Android devices when it comes to corporate productivity.

Flicked from my Always Amazing BlackBerry Z10

With no apps and no Google services? Yeah, right. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will annihilate old, archaic Blackberry mobile editing apps any day.

Posted via Android Central App

Anyone who is concerned about Corporate Productivity will not seek this device out. They will have a laptop with them at all times. If they are stupid enough to get this for "corporate productivity", then those who are smarter and see the futility of spreadsheets on mobile will be running circles around them in their business realm.

Obviously you're not a modern day mobile worker. LegalAmerican, is your handle an immigrant reference by any chance?

Posted via Android Central App

I would keep those sharp edges away from my private areas if I were you.

Posted via Android Central App

If you spend that much time looking at spreadsheets I feel bad for you. I look at a couple a day on my job. But all day, I've done that before. Major snooze-fest

Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

It looks haawwt, I am getting one. True that you cannot see anything on the left or right devices, only the middle stands out.

Posted via Android Central App

Love this phone. Thanks BlackBerry. I'm getting one. Definitely dumping my hardly used S5 android aka wannabe iPhone for this. I'll take the best part of android which is apps.. and rock a proper functional phone the exudes being NOT a follower. This phone along with my z10 as a back up spells good times ahead. :)
Posted via Android Central App on my z10

So, all Android users are followers? And, let me guess, all Blackberry users are professionals that have seen the light? Are we seriously starting this again? Over a damn phone? What's so difficult about using what works for you and leaving it at that? You people act like Blackberry is a damn family member or something.

That's my opinion.. no beef. I think android phones started off as a BlackBerry clone then switched to being an iPhone clone. The proof is out there. It's not about family or whatever. It's just our preferred brand like android is yours. You guys have been preaching BlackBerry death forever.. still here. Been preaching BBM death forever.. still here and now on windows phone so will still grow. The passport won't sell anything like android phones cos it ain't for the masses but, BlackBerry only need to sell about 10 million a year to be profitable with Chen's new structure in place. Btw.. direct your question to the butt hurt person i.e. Phil Nick.. who started this piece. He seems really upset like the Android OS is his family or something lol. The Passport i.e. BlackBerry has definitely struck a nerve. That's good for BlackBerry. Just my opinion.
Posted via Android Central App on my z10

Congrats AC. This has to be in the running for the highest comment to content ratio for an article yet published on the site. You get the maximum payoff for the minimum amount of work. Ka-ching.

Where are you supposed to carry that thing? It isn't going to fit in anyone's pocket. And if I have to carry it around, I'd rather have a 7 or 8" tablet.

And how is that stylus from the palm pilot days working out? Something old can be new again...the Note series is proof of that.

Posted via Android Central App

the difference is that this form factor was tried with the LG Optimus Vu which was a complete failure PLUS this is Blackberry we are talking about. I won't say anymore, the sales figures will speak for themselves.

This a very innovative device that will certainly bring BlackBerry back from the brink of----

nah I cannot get through it without laughing hysterically. I was trying so hard.

If you go look on crackberry the fans are saying it's the second coming! Bb is back back in bin........

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Yep they are giving each other fanboy high fives while the rest of the world is laughing at them.
Posted via Android Central App

So, I was in the room when this thing was announced by the BlackBerry CEO, and it didn't look too unwieldy when it was held. Big for sure, but not impossible. Still, Chen himself was a little incredulous with the size of the thing. Said he had a hard time imagining people taking long calls on it and classified it as a phablet. The main sell, as evidenced here, is the real estate for text and strong pixel density. The physical keyboard is icing on the cake, but I worry a bit about how comfortable typing will be. I agree that it's ugly as sin, but phones aren't a fashion show for everybody, especially among business users who work in Word and Excel all day.

So what does this "phone" offer the average consumer that isn't a business user that works with Excel? What does this device bring to the table that current flagship devices on other platforms don't offer? BB needs a device that appeals to the masses and not some pigeon hole device for a select few. It's like Blackberry is begging to go completely out of business with thinking and a device like this.

They tried going for mass market appeal and it obviously didn't work, so they're going back to niche customers. That seems reasonable enough to me. The BlackBerry Classic, which was announced alongside the Passport and follows the same vein: it's for entrenched BlackBerry users that miss the trackpad. Though the demand for a throwback is relatively small, I'm sure it's more reliable than trying compete with Apple and Samsung for visibility.

As for what it offers that other phones don't, you've got big screen real estate, a physical keyboard that incorporates capacitive touch, and a software experience that isn't Android or iOS. That's the theory anyway, and whether that's enough to keep BlackBerry in business is another question altogether.

Blackberry said unreadable they didn't say anything about editing the excel file. :P

Editing an excel document is probably not something you want to do on a phone anyways.

If I wanna work on spreadsheets whilst I'm away from my PC I will use my Surface. I just don't see the point in getting this monstrosity simply because it "displays spreadsheets better".

Posted via Android Central App on my N5 with Android L

hmmmm. No.
Not even considering that thing for a second. Is it supposed to be a phone? Really?
First, put it next to a Note 3, or even a Lumia 1520. Oh wait, then people will really see how much it sucks.
Second, Who the F is going to be editing spreadsheets on a phone? Much less even viewing them. I have a note 10.1 and don't do that unless I need to. If your job requires you to be editing spreadsheets on the go, you most likely make enough money to have not only a tablet, but a laptop.
So stupid. Some things that are nostalgic should stay in the past, not become your new phone. People will say, "Hey, the last decade called, they want their palm pilot back, we're telling you, because that's probably not a phone, so you wouldn't have gotten the call, and I don't see a bag phone on your shoulder." Yes, I know I'm all over the place with that, but so is this "phone". Oh, and how the heck are you supposed to get that thing in your pocket??

Am I missing the number keys? Wouldn't those come in handy if you're pimping it for use with spreadsheets?

To each his own, but not for me.

You would need numbers keys wouldn't you, if you were working on a spreadsheet? BlackBerry conveniently left those off they will appear on the screen above the keyboard and thus will take up some of that real estate, compressing the image at least some.

Hey Phil, Thanks for your insightful, in depth review of the Passport (Said with as much snark as your comments).

Yeah, we all have our biases and favs to rant about. But most don't make it to the front page of what i thought was a legitimate Android News site. I expect better from Mobile Nations..

I'll let you get back to your laggy, resource hogging, battery draining, and always out-of-date Android phone now.

You're a little touchy. This after all Android Central, a blog about the Android ecosystem, which Blackberry isn't even a part of.

That dude is just mad because blackberry doesn't work with all of the cool add-ons that Android does.

Posted via Android Central App on GS5

I wish they would've made a 5" phone with a portrait sliding keyboard. I'd buy it, especially because it can run Android apps.

I don't know who uses a phone, any phone, to work on a spreadsheet. Maybe to glance over, or make a small change or two. Between switching between worksheets and scrolling vertically and horizontally, there's no way any phone is a substitute for decent screen real estate.

Been disappointed in BlackBerry since they stopped developing phones to concentrate on the ill-fated playbook for over 2 years. This looks like the playbook part 2, another nail in the coffin.

So glad I left blackberry devices behind, that thing is butt ugly. This is their next flagship phone great job this should really appeal to the masses and sell like hotcakes.. hand over face, LOL, and SMH.
Posted via Android Central App

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