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Amid the sea of LG Nexus 4 content floating around right now, it would be easy to forget about some of the other hot Android devices out there. Word reaches us today that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available on Vodafone UK in black. It's a Samsung Galaxy S3, but it's black. It's that simple -- but in black, it does look fantastic. It can be had completely free of charge on a new 2 year contract, for £41 per month for the 16GB version. A little pricey, but it's still one heck of a phone. 

Source: Vodafone

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runer112 says:

Have been seeing the black S3 in my region for a while now, pretty nifty and looks better than the white one if I might add (I own a white one to be honest).

Though, didn't Samsung promise 2 or 3 more colors in addition to the red one and the black one, as well as the original Blue and white?

Actually, amber brown, garnet red, sapphire black, and titanium gray are the 4 additional colors.

Who? says:

Looks less like a toy in black.

Goodeye says:

Ugghh. I love the white and I'm glad I got it, however I wish Verizon would not have gotten that exclusivity on black in the US, while we got Red, if anything it should have been the other way around.

Magnus#AC says:

Galaxy Note II is all the rage now. Wish it came in black. All phones should have a black option

Daf L says:

And still no general release of the 32GB after the "1 month" Vodafone Exclusive way back when